Friday, December 14, 2007

Replies to your comments

In "Strange Country?" post, amy said;
I am curious what rude words they used to translate "Hasta la vista, baby."

They used "ABAYO." Everybody knows this phrase but I seldom hear it used. From my opinion, it is used when you say to somebody that you'll never want to see again in your entire life.


In "All about Hair" post, Jan & Pebbles asked me if I had captured a moment where Anderson wiped his face. I hadn't at that time, but now I did!


You might not check out previous post, so I'll attach the same thing that I've posted. Here's my suggestion. Rather, I'd like to ask you this.
I'm thinking of what iParty shot to send... Just now I come up with this idea. Volunteers from here are sending a picture with your country's famous scenery on you back and make a wallpaper like Delie often does. Of course AC's pic is going to be in the center of the wallpaper. Does anyone want to pitch in?


Anderson appeared on the screen just now!!! (Anderson didn't blog today, so I was afraid he wouldn't be on the show tonight.) He's so yummy with a pink shirt and a purple tie! Too bad I couldn't capture his yummy photo. Maybe after I come back from work and that would be 12 hours later.


Anonymous said...

Wow he looks so sad in those frames. BTW, Mio, I saw your comment in the AC 360 Blog. Congrats on getting them posted. Does anyone know if there is a quota of some sort as to how many comments can get posted? I remember the people of Gun metal Gray saying they were having trouble posting on the blog.

Jan said...

Mio--THANK YOU for posting these pictures. He does really look like he is beat.

He does look yummy in that pink shirt and lavender tie.

Thanks again for the special caps.

pebbles said...

Thanks for the screencaps Mio, he really looked tired. He teased about something beating out Larry's musical numbers on his show. Of course, he was talking about the 360 crew. They're so hilarious! It looks so fun working with the 360 crew. I'm sure Anderson has a hand on all of that, starting the program with a christmas jingle. Anderson was so funny in R&K. They even featured it on What were they thinking? He looks so cute impersonating the drunk girls and stealing their cab as John McEnroe! LOL! He's right, it wouldn't have mattered because the drunk girls didn't really know who he was and well, McEnroe has a reputation of yelling and cursing at people. I love Anderson when he's in a silly mood it makes him more attractive. What's wrong with those girls, they don't know Anderson? Oh yeah...they're drunk

anne said...

I just cannot see anyone not knowing him,however drunk they were,I mean,that silver hair is a dead giveaway!


The show has been so good,and he is so funny and happy!

Thanks for those pics,Mio.
He looks so tired there,with his hand at his head.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the second hour repeat of 360? I had it on in the background, and I swear I didn't hear the R&K repeat but another segment was doubled in.