Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Oscar Peterson

His piano sounds brilliant, distinguished, full of love and emotions. It seems he is playing any music with ease, however it is said no other pianist could practice harder than him. Oscar Peterson passed away today, which is a sad news on Christmas day.

I love Peterson's "Satin Doll" the best. I even copied this and actually played with a basist and a drummer. I'd love to play it again for next holiday.


JapaneseBuddhistSanta said...

Ho Ho Ho!

Hi there, first off, thank you for the Peterson clip, "Santa Doll" is my favorite. It's a sign that Peterson will be able to rest knowing he had such wonderful fans like you! And for your Holiday Present, you have received a nice little gift from the Adonis Cabaret from London, from Santa with Love!

Click on the Link below!

click here!


Sincerely, Lellebelle88@yahoo.com

Délie said...

Thanks for the Peterson's video! He will be missed.

I hope everyone had (or has!) wonderful holidays! I can't wait to see the NYE's coverage! I don't want to miss the photo you have sent, Mio!

mio_bella said...

Japanesebuddhistsanta, or lellebelle!
You are so funny! Thank you for the link and cute message!

The picture I sent doesn't look so good to me, I was kind of reluctant to do that. However, as I spent my precious time making "something," I didn't want to just dump it. I can miss the picture, but I'll never miss AC say my name! Will he ever say that? Hmm, let's see.