Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday on 360

AC360 is starting at any moment, but I gotta go now. Enjoy AnderBeauty!


anne said...

I love your photo of the week,Mio!

The part of the show with the ''Nutty Buddy' was hilarious!


And I loved the Shot, where the kid pressed the ''buddon'' and let all the foam run out!LOL

Mio,please post the ''Nutty Buddy'' video if you can!


pebbles said...

Thanks for all the Anderbeauty Mio! I enjoyed the What were you thinking? segment had a big laugh out of that. Anderson enjoyed the Nutty Buddy so much too he had to replay it again just like that carp video - i love his giggle. Did you hear him say he supplied all his staff with the Nutty Buddy?I wonder what they'll use that for? LOL! He's kidding, of course.

Love your photo of the week too!

Jan said...

Mio-last nights show was one of the best in a long time. He and Gary were having lots of fun. I think they were into the Christmas egg nog last night. LOL He sure covered a lot of great topics last night and he kept up his promise to post. Oh and he wore my favorite tie last night. I love that ice blue tie.

I am with Anne, can you post the nutty buddy piece?