Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to you all

I am not a Christian and I don't have a custom to celebrate Christmas. It's about 1:00am on 25th. Sadly Santa Claus won't come to me.

I cooked and had dinner at my BF's place just because it was a holiday for both of us. I work in the evening and weekend, and he works in daytime and weekdays. So it was a precious day for us.


I thought I would be able to blog about Inside Africa, but somehow, I recorded "Art of Life." CNNj website said they would be airing IA, but they didn't. I saw a commercial and it was a report from Congo when he went there last year. Did anyone check it out?


I was thinking of posting a video of me playing a Japanese Christmas song, but the song was pretty long and I couldn't upload it with my account. Instead, I'll post my favorite Christmas song.

IMO, Mariah Carey sings best and is most beautiful in this video!


Speaking of video, have you cheked this out yet? Anderson's New Year's Eve

Here're some pics from the video.


andyargentina said...

Hi dear Mio:

Enjoy the time with your boyfriend!!! . In my country we celebrate Christmas.
Christmas means Summer; that's probably why snow-like ornaments are so rarely seen as part of the decorations.
Dear friend, Just wanted to wish you and all the readers of your blog a very happy Christmas , filled with love , joy and peace.

Feliz Navidad!

Jan said...

Hope everyone who has already celebrated the holiday had a great one and those getting ready to have a great one as well.

Mio-I am so glad you got to spend time with your boyfriend.

pebbles said...

Hey Mio, It's great you have time for yourself and time away from your work. Hope you had a great christmas. I was able to catch Inside Africa, they showed the video when he interviewed that war lord Nkunde(?) before, and he just commented on what went on during that time and also about the situation of the mountain gorillas.

mio_bella said...

I didn't imagine you are celebrating Christmas in summer! How does Santa Claus in your country look? Is he wearing a thick jacket and pants?

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Thank you, Jan!
We have seen each other so scarecely these days and it was nice spending long time talking with him. Somehow in Japan, it has become kind of a custom to spend Christmas Eve with your boy/girlfriend. (We didn't intend to do that. To us, it was just a holiday.) As Christmas approaches, I hear many people saying, "I want a boyfriend to spend Christmas." Doesn't this sound so weird??

By the way, I sent something for iParty. And I got a phone call from CNN just now! How surprising! It should be Christmas Eve there and they are working! Anyway, she asked me about the photo, which I won't upload it now, and asked me how to pronounce my name! I said, "Anderson once read my comment and he mispronounce it." She replied, "This time, Anderson will know how to read your name correctly!" Something from me may be introduced for New Year's Eve! I didn't think I made "it" well, but I'm so glad they liked it.

amy said...

Hi Mio!

Happy Holidays Mio! Thanks for the info on "Abayo." Interesting how many nuances words for "goodbye" seem to have in all languages.

Enjoy your holidays and keep up the good blogging. I'm only a casual AC fan, but I really enjoy your blog - and people's comments - as a form of cultural exchange. I think an informal forum on a topic like this can be a lot more informative than much more formal, directed discussions on "serious" topics... keep up the good work!


mio_bella said...

I guess I was just starting to write my comment when you posted yours! Sorry for my late reply.

So, apart from last year's video, Anderson appeared on the show!

I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. All of us ACfans here are intelligent, warm-hearted, nice and crazy! I love introducing my country and I'd like to learn a lot about other cultures as well. This place is giving me such opportunities, which is one of the reasons I can keep up.

Judy said...

Hi Mio
I'm glad you got to spend the holidays with your boyfriend.
I saw the Inside Africa report, but the part with Anderson was really, really short.
But getting a call from CNN must be very cool. What did you send to them for the iparty? I wanted to send a picture but I'm really undecided on which one to send.
Enjoy you holidays

mio_bella said...

Thank you for your comment here and to YouTube as well! I'm so sorry I didn't replied to you sooner.
I was in a panic when I received the phonecall! I never have a phone call from an English speaking person at home, I don't remember exactly what I said. Now I can think of many other things that I should have told her. It's way too late, though. Maybe next time... (When will be the next time??)