Friday, December 21, 2007

Kevin Again

A couple of months ago, I think I mentioned this green tie is unpopular and said "Will he ever wear this again?" And he did!

Kevin appeared as an announcer again!
Was Anderson happy about this? Let's find out.

Might have pretended to be annoyed, but he seemed happy!

The story about a high way mentioned on Bible was interesting. Should ancient people possibly know about the specific road that would exist more than 2000 years later? When people see a strange coincidence, they tend to think "There's something about this place" kind of things. Because of its ambiguity, Bible is translated in so many ways.
The same thing can be said to fortune tellers. My uncle has a serious problem these days and underwent a counseling at a fortune tellers. She/He said, "You haven't treated your deceased father, have you?" Later he said, "Come to think of it, I haven't do anything about him." Then he visited the tomb and gave flowers to him. I don't know if this behavior will relieve him of his problem, but what he is doing to the father is nice.
I don't know about Bible and I'm not so interested in fortune telling. But their words always give us opportunities to think back what you have been doing and they promote good behavior. It is not listening to them carefully that counts, but translating them into your real life that is important.
Speaking of "translating," I might have mistranslated "that" person's comment. I didn't think she would bother to come back to this blog, but she did, leaving a comment for the previous post. I won't say anything about this as she says she won't come again (She might come without leaving comments or leave as anonymous?), and I know what I can write and what I shouldn't.
We won't have AC360 tomorrow. Have a good holidays without AC and with your precious persons.
p.s. I don't like leaving your comments unanswered and I make it a rule to answer them, but I haven't done that recently. I find it rude and sorry for it. I will try answering them from now on.


Délie said...

Seeing Kevin again was fun! I hope it was not the last time.

Thanks for the so nice screencaps, Mio!

I wish you all great holidays!

pebbles said...

Mio, you always post the best screencaps ever! Anderson looked cute reacting to Kevin's "audition". I love his haircut. Looks like we'll be on an Anderdrought for a few days. Will he be out on Monday too? Because slated on AC360's timeslot is Dr. Sanjay Gupta's report on Youssif, which I will be watching. I cried when I saw that first reported by Arwa Damon. He's such a beautiful boy, how could anybody do that to a kid? I'm glad he's getting the best care ever.

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Pam said...

Mio, I think the green tie may have been Anderson's way of showing his Christmas spirit. Many of my male co-workers wore red and green ties most of this month. I personally like the color green and your pictures are so sharp, it really makes it look even better than my tv! Keep up the good work. I really like your blog. Have a great Christmas and New Year. Be safe everybody!

Z said...

Sorry to drag on with something that's obviously just a nasty passer-by that every blog suffers once in a while, but you seem to have a genuine concern in your previous post, so I'd like to put in my two cents as a fellow Japanese woman.

Do I think you're a White supremacist because you gush over AC's good looks? No, I don't. You may or may not have a *taste* for White guys, which I do, and I don't see a problem that I do. Just because people sexualiy prefer White guys or Latino guys doesn't automatically turn them into racists *or* whatever-ethnicity-supremacists.

That said, though... Doesn't it bother you sometimes when AC360 takes Japanese TV clips out of context and laughs at them? I was extremely bothered by the Zuiikin thing. It's hillarious, yes. But it's a late-night *comedy* show. Of course it's weird and crazy... Which, judging from fan comments at places like ATA, the general public seems to not grasp, thanks to AC360's chosen method of presentation. Really, what are *you* thinking, I want to yell at the screen each time this comes on and Anderson just sits there and laughs, without offering any explanation or evidence that they did their homework before plucking an (copyright-infringing) piece of clip off of youtube and broadcasting it in countries it was so not intended for. Our navy ad totally deserves to be ridiculed. The Zuiikin program doesn't -- or at least, it should be appreciated as a good piece of *comedy* as it well deserves. So I'm curious about what you think of Anderson's cultural sensitivity or lack thereof.

Personally, as long as he's as pretty as he is I'd still forgive him:P But that my be just my own shallowness.

mio_bella said...

Sorry for skipping my reply to you!!

This day's program turned out to be the last one until Christmas. I love your idea! Showint his Christmas spirit! I should have noticed what AC had intended.

I'm so glad you are enjoying my pics here.

mio_bella said...

Oh, no! I thought I'd posted a comment before this one above, but it wasn't posted...

Kevin is becoming more and more popular, isn't he? I hope he's doing something funny again in the near future.
Your city must look really beautiful at this time of year. I want to visit Paris during Christmas season some day. I wish for a happy Christmas to you, too.

According to CNNj, regular AC360 will start on 26th, or 27th to us. On Christmas Day, they are running 4-hour Planet in Peril. I can watch that program again and again until I get fed up, which won't happen to me!

Welcome Z,
At first I got embarrassed when they are introducing weird Japanese video clips and making fun of them. But now, I'm pretty much used to it as I understand viewers of AC360 are so intelligent they won't misunderstand our country. They are just silly parts of Japan. I explained about that video here, and I tried to post a comment on it at 360blog, but it did not appear, which I found a shame.

As for "plucking a copyright-infringing piece of clip," I am always wondering whether or not they are doing a right thing. If you post a piece from TV show, chances are they are deleted the moment the authority finds them. Apparently, what CNN is doing is incorrect.

Jan said...

I just want to wish everyone who celebrates the holidays a very Merry Christmas. Some of you are in a time zone that you will be celebrating today. Have a safe one as well.