Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I have a bad case of diarrhea.

After watching "What were they thinking?" segment, I forgot everything about the show! How embarrassing!!! I have never watched the program. I guess it was broadcasted more than 20 years ago. I can tell that from the girl's hairstyles and bathing suits.
It might have been very funny if I'd acquired my English watching that TV program, but sadly, or fortunately, I didn't.
I will never forget this phrase! Yeah, this works!!

"Is this how Japanese people are learning English? Could that Japanese viewer who we introduced for PiP discussion learn her English watching this show?" ( He cannot have thought about me though.)

"Now I did!"

(The volume is too low. I might want to update the same video again later.)

This is the full version of the exercise! Let's learn English together!

Before the exercise starts, the instructor says, "Even after you get into the ambulance, you shouldn't just relax. You must tell how you are feeling." Then the exercise starts. How come you can do that on an ambulance!?

At the very end, the instructor says, "While you are exercising, try to put a lot of feelings in it."

I found Japanese version too!

Zuiikin Boys [Zuiikin Japanese]

1st exercise; Very casual way to say "Thanks." Not an elegant way to say that and I never use this phrase.
2nd exercise; "This is for you." However, this is really difficult for foreigners to understand. If translated literally, "I'll give it to you although this is not a nice thing to give." Most of the time, it is a nice thing. Japanese people consider modesty is a virtue and we don't want to sound pushy.
3rd exercise; "Bye." As you can imagine, we never use this gesture when we say "bye."

Would you like to try practicing Japanese with those boys?

After watching so many strange videos, you really need some refreshment!

Were these enough for you to recover from the diarrhea? If not, how about this?

Checked out Ander-underwear!?


Délie said...

Thank you the Japanese lesson, Mio! Zuiikin Boys... Too funny! But I'm not sure I could say these words again.

anne said...

I love when he and Erica do ''The Shot''!

I also love the expressions on his face while letting that snake go!LOL

anne said...

I was just at the 360 site.
Anderson has posted on the blog!

Pati Mc said...

YAY! Anderson blogged and it is SO cute! I just lve it when he writes. His adorable personality just shines through so well. He is just fantastic! I hope that he can keep his resolution. :)

For all of our dear friends in Japan who "have a bad case of diarreha, one word...IMMODIUM! LOL.

Watching Anderson flashing his underwear may solve the diarrhea, but instead it almost made me pee!

mio_bella said...

Anderson did enjoy watching Zuiikin English so much! Hope that prompted him to study Japanese "this year."
I can always help him learn Japanese!