Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gorgeous, Unconstrained, Serious and Drunk AC

I guess everybody enjoyed Friday's AC360. It has improved greatly these days and Anderson has looked great for the entire week. And I'd say tonight's show was the best in a week!

I watched AC360 live and as soon as it finished, I left home for work. At work, whenever I had a mental break, I was thinking about how gorgeous, serious and silly Anderson had been. Then I got so infatuated. I'm such an easy girl. I get happy so easily.

Before AC360 starts, I sometimes watch Larry King Live. Friday's LKL was really nice. I enjoyed a lot of music. Anderson and staff members seemed to have enjoyed it as well.

Oh, they were in silly mood again! I could expect something funny. But at this time, I didn't expect the show to be such a great one.

I'm so glad AC360 finally brings a report Anderson contributed to CBS. Wasn't this the first time since they aired "Stop Snitchin'" thing?

I wonder if there is a difference between how Japanese people see gorillas and others see them. In Japan, "mountain gorilla" can be sort of a curse word. We sometimes use it to describe a person who is robust, ugly, obese and barbaric. However, Anderson described a mountain gorilla as majestic animals, which was interesting to me.
I was really shocked to know there are only about 700 mountain gorillas. So few! And at least 10 of them were shot to death just recently? How disturbing! I also leaned from another source that pandas are under thread as well. They are being shot to kill in China. How could people not coexist with wild animals?
The only thing that satisfied me was how tourists are lending helping hands to support the habitat of this animal and people living in that region.

Of course, Anderson in this segment made me scream and faint so many times!

Christmas song, Congo report, and still they generously let us show this hilarious "drunk" Anderson!

That was the funniest story he's told us!
On another note, foes Anderson look like John McEnroe?

I've posted so many pictures, and to tell you the truth, I captured even more. The other day, one of my students discovered this blog and said to me; "I don't who that guy is but... I was appalled by how much you love him! You post too many pictures!" Too many? I don't think so. You need this much, don't you!? Or this is not enough?


Jan said...

Oh Mio you can NEVER post to many pictures of our Anderson. He looked so gorgous in that lavender shirt and lavender tie.

It is heart breaking that their are only 700 gorillas left. Anderson did such a great job covering this story. You can tell he is very passionate about it. I think you are right, this is the first 60 Minutes piece he has covered since the "Stop Snitching" piece. They had posted at one time they were going to show the Plumpynut story, but then they never did.

Remember Mio, you can never cap to many Anderson pictures. I think everyone will agree with me on that.

I am still in amazement how well you keep this blog going and working so many hours as well. In case we don't say it enough, THANK YOU.

Judy said...

Hi Mio
I totally agree with Jan: there can never be too many Anderson pics!! Thank you for putting all this time into making this great blog.

anne said...

There is no such thing as too much Anderson Cooper,Mio!

I love those great 60 Minutes screencaps.Thanks for posting them.

Can you put up the 360 Glee Club video?

Oh those girls he was talking about must have been very,very drunk indeed!

To mistake him for McEnroe,oh dear,I just don' get that at all!!


You are so very busy,how do you do it,Mio?

Pati Mc said...

I agree *waves hand in air* there is NO SUCH THING as too many Anderson pictures. Just ask the hard drive on my laptop. LOL.

There is also no mistaking Anderson for McEnroe - Ew!- there is not that much alcohol in the world! Drunk girls were apparently not just drunk, they were drunk AND completely stupid! Good thing for Anderson though, otherwise poor dear may have gotten molested. Not good at all.

Anderson imitating those girls was the funniest thing that I have ever seen him do. I cannot watch that video without laughing hysterically. The fact that he was so annoyed by the drunk girls made me laugh even harder.

My favorite line, "I was like, goodbye drunk girls" as he waves his arm dismissingly. LOL.

And the picture of Anderson wiping his eye and smiling when the ranger "spoke gorilla" is one of the best pictures I have ever seen of him. How is it that he can be in Africa in the middle of the mountains and look that incredible? Naturally charming and handsome, that is all I know. *sigh*

I find the fact that Kelly Ripa has such a huge crush on Anderson so adorable. They work so well together. You can tell that they genuinely respect each other as well. Here's hoping Anderson continues to take a break from all of the serious work that he does to sub for Regis. Clearly it is a breath of fresh air for him and for all of us. He can be his classy, witty, snarky and hilarious self. His true personality just shines at times like these. I cannot wait to see he and Erica together on New Years Eve. The best pair of all. That is going to be great!

Thanks again Mio. What would we do without you? I do not want to know!

Lots of love and Happy Weekend to all. :o)

pebbles said...

Hey Mio, I can truly say all Anderfans can never have too much Ander pictures - one is always unique from the other. So if they're not into Anderson, they just could not understand. I agree on everything that was said above he's so cute when he's funny and snarky it really is nice to see him host R&K it often brings out his fun side. I'm glad AC360 this past week has been enjoyable. I really hope it continues. And the only thing similar I can say Anderson and McEnroe has is the color of their hair and that's it. Those girls were way too drunk I can't see how they can mistake him for McEnroe.

Délie said...

"Too many pictures of Anderson Cooper" are words I can't pronounce in a row. No way!

We got such a great weeks of AC360! Plus the 60 min reports and the "Drunk girls" story... So much good job and also fun!

Anonymous said...

Lmao, ha ha Larry King looks pissed in those screencaps.

mio_bella said...

Everybody agrees! When I can spend a lot of time watching andblogging about the program, I usually capture more than 30 pictures! I'll try to capture the yummiest moments!

I'm also surprised to learn there are only 700 gorillas in the world. How I see mountain gorillas has completely changed thanks to Anderson's report.

Thank you for your encouragement. I'll keep on exciting you!

I did know MacEnroe but I have never thought about him for more than decade! Too bad for Anderson to have been mistaken for the "old" guy, but we all enjoyed that experience. Thanks, drunk girls!

You are right! They are not just drunk. They are stupid!
I relly like the pic of Anderson wiping his eye. Wrinkles at his eyes makes him even sexier.

I like the phrase, "one is always unique from the other." That's very true. AC360 weekday (slightly different from our regular weekday, right?) has begun! I am ready to start posting! Hope for exciting programs this week too.

Last week, we enjoyed every program and the Friday's show was the best! Now I confirm that you all need as many Anderson's picture as possible, I'll try to add a lot today!

Anonymous person,
I usually don't want to bother to capture any pic but Anderson, I couldn't help capturing LK.