Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Do you want to get in the back seat with me?

I wish I could sit together with him on the back seat of the car!


Pati Mc said...

OMG Mio! You are so funny! I said it and here you come with the picture. I love it!

Who out there would not want to ask Anderson to get in the backseat with them? You would have to be crazy to pass that one up! LOL.

Again, I owe you. Many thanks!

anne said...

Oh,count me in for the back seat with Anderson too!!!

I think we will need a bigger car,ladies!!!

The lineup starts here!!


Jan said...

I am with Pati Mc and Anne. I want in that back seat as well. I will sit on his lap, while you ladies sit on each side of him. LOL

Pati Mc said...

Wow, I was hoping to get him all to myself! LOL! Just kidding girls, my Mommy taught me to share.

Oooh, I can just imagine being squashed into a backseat all squished up against Anderson. Especially in the snow here, I bet he would be nice and warm. *sigh*

Okay, before I get too carried away, I will stop. We all know what we are thinking. Yikes!

mio_bella said...

You got the nicest place! Then I'd have Anderson on my lap. This should be the second nicest place.

Jan said...

Mio--I think with all of us in the backseat with Anderson, we all would have the best seat.