Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cyber bullying

They have been talking about that 13-year-old girl who killed herself after she received bad words from her imaginary boyfriend on the net.

Parents want to blame the neighborhood mother who pretended to be a teenage boy. I can fully understand that. However, it must be difficult to sue a person just because she said nasty things to a girl.

In my opinion, children are getting more and more spoiled these days. I'll tell you about one of my students. He belongs to a baseball team and one day, his mother was watching his son practice it. His coach yelled at him, which made her really upset. She was really worried because her son has never even been scolded. He may be a smart boy and he may get good grades at school, but what he needs is mental strength.

Another example is an increasing number of truancy. I used to think it's their parents' fault to let their children stay home as long as they want. But things seem to be more complicated. Actually my cousin is in such a state. He is afraid of seeing people, even his father and the son and the mother are currently living without the father. He is also afraid of daylight. He is sleeping during the daytime and awake at night. He spent most of the time surfing the net. He might have some friends on the net but it could make the situation worse. He wouldn't learn to talk to people directly. (I must add that I am leading a "normal" life and I really like making friends with people here!!)

I don't know if I can raise my kids properly when I have ones in the future. But parents should make kids mentally strong. The richer kids become, the poorer their hearts become. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai said something like that, didn't she?

I wrote too much about troubled kids. Now it's time to enjoy yummy Anderphotos!


Pati Mc said...

OMG Mio,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the picture of Anderson's legs and feet. I have to admit, I think his big feet and skinny legs are so cute! Aw! I loved seeing that shot last night on the show and I am forever grateful that you've posted it. YaY!

Loved Anderson with Mike Huckabee. Anderson seemed to really enjoy his company and sense of humor. I loved when Huckabee asked Anderson if he wanted to get into the backseat of the car with him. LOL. I was thinking that I would love the chance to ask Anderson that myself. Oops! Naughty! :) hee hee

beaslma said...

nice show us the crotch shot! :-)

I agree with what you said about the parents. This kid obviously had some issues other than this one kid on myspace, but that's not what is being addressed here.

just like the guy who went after hillary's campaign office, he has some problems that need to be address, which are problems plaguing others i'm sure but because he handled it the way he did those problems will never be addressed.

That's the sad part in both of the stories.

mio_bella said...


I was somehow attracted that picture of legs and feet and thought somebody would get excited and at least you & beaslma did!
All the Ander-crazy girls must have shouted aloud,"I would also love to ask him to get into the backseat together!" I was planning to mention that moment and I took the picture of him asking but I just now noticed I'd forgotten to do that! I'll post that later!


There must be a lot of causes before someone goes too extreme. Sometimes, the cause seems so simple that people get stunned to hear the cause.

For example, about a year ago, I heard a news about a young boy who murdered a stranger. What was the cause? "I wanted to know what it is like to kill a person." The cause seems so simple, but there are too many heinous crimes and people are getting used to them. Even this incident didn't become a big news. This is what's wrong with society these days.