Sunday, December 02, 2007


I was waiting to see Anderson during Larry King Live, but he appeared for only the last 5 minutes! Far better than no Anderson. Also everybody Larry introduced us is making a big impact on our society. I was expecially impressed by the lady in Cambodia when she said to prostitution victim, "Everybody has treated you very badly. So why should you treat yourself badly?" That's really heartwarming and I love this remark.

I am very late, but I saw CNN HEROES CM for the first time.
I cannot wait to see the program!


Beppu said...

Hi Mio Bella:

I think I just erased a message that I just typed to you. I was trying to tell you that I guessed right! I kind of knew you were talking about Southern All Stars (who else would have a 12 hour special!). My husband is a huge fan, and we have all of SAS's albums plus Kuwata's solo albums at home. I used to like the song Tsunami a lot, but after the disaster in Southeast Asia, listening to that song did not give me much pleasure. We don't speak or understand a word of Japanese but we enjoy Jpop quite a lot.

Hey, we have a few things in common: piano, SAS and AC!


Pebbles said...

Hey Mio, I also saw the CM for the first time this morning, can't wait to see the special on Friday (our time). Love the screencaps he looks so cute in his close up.


Jan said...

The special was good, but I was disappointed that Anderson was only on for a few minutes. He looked a litle upset about something. IMO

anne said...

I too was hoping for more of him on LK,but the Heroes show on Thursday looks good.

Anderson really did not look himself on LK,kind of like he was upset or something,as Jan said.

To me,he looked a little off.

I love the screencaps,Mio.

mio_bella said...

I was so amazed and excited! You are listening to Southern All Stars!? And you've got all of their album!? That's unbelievable! I just found that one of my Ander-fan friends in Japan is also a big fan of Kuwata and we are really excited! Are their albums available in Canada? Do you have some Japanese relatives? I'm curious to know how you get to know Japanese bands.

I think I saw the photo from the CM somewhere so I was not so confident that was their first time to air it. It seems I was right. We internatilnal viewers may be suffering from delays.

Jan & Anne,
I did screamed and my entire body melted when I saw him, but I agree with you two. If I were him, I would think this way;
Introducing heroes is one thing but choosing the best one is another. It doesn't matter whether or not he/she is introduced. There are so many people around the world who are doing what little things they can do to help others. Instead of highlighting a few people, we should tell everybody to be thankful to people around you.

mio_bella said...

"I did scream..." small grammatical error.

Pati Mc said...

Jan, Anne & Mio,

No kidding about Anderson's expression in that picture from LKL. I said out loud "ooh Anderson; uh oh, someone is NOT happy".

I wonder if someone said something to him or if he was just tired and wanted to go home and they made him stay to do that short apperance, but wow, he looked mad as you-know-what. I felt bad for him. Maybe he is ticked off at J. Klein. It would be weird appearing on screen next to your "big" boss.

Oh well, I hope he smiles tonight. All I know is that I would NEVER want to be the person that caused that look on his face. I bet when he gets mad, it is not a good time!

Beppu said...

Hi Mio:
It is easy to get Jpop albums from Canada. There is Ebay, CD Japan (a website that we use a lot), and we also go to Japan from time to time. Last time we were in New York, we discovered Kinokuniya Bookstore right in Manhattan (much to our amazement--did you know about this?), and that was where my husband picked up SAS's last album. When we were last in Japan, we spent a lot of time at Book Off, shopping for cheap second hand CD's. It was a lot of fun! I might have told you that I like Miyuki Nakajima a lot. Anyways, back to AC. I also agree that he looked a bit off on Sunday. I hope that we get a good program tonight! And I hope he will go back to blogging too. He writes so well! Beppu

mio_bella said...

Could you email me? I want to talk more about SAS and introduce some good videos!