Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Anderson blogged!

I think my resolution last year was to learn a new language, but so far that hasn't happened. Though I did learn some Japanese phrases from "What were they thinking?" last night. Did you see it?

It was an aerobic style video to help Japanese people learn English phrases. Last night's phrase was "I have a bad case of diarrhea." We may air some more of them tonight.

Anderson had learned a little bit of Japanese a few years ago!


lellebelle said...

Lol woah, no comments? Alright, I'll bite, I read that entry, and as soon as I saw that sentence, I thought of you, Mio. Think of it this way, he's practicing so one day, he can communicate with his biggest Japanese fan ;3

copperfish said...

Glad that he blogged, I just hope he does it regularly this time coz' his blog seems to be quite dull for quite some time now.

Jan said...

Hey everyone Anderson's piece on Gorilla's is going to be on Sunday night on 60 minutes. Go to the CBS web site for a preview. It is adorable and you get to see Andersons sexy grin. LOL

Délie said...

Hi all!
He is so cute and simply irresistible in the 60 min preview! That smile...Aww...

anne said...

I am so glad he has blogged again-I missed his writings there!

I hope he can get time to do it more often.

mio_bella said...

Thanks, lellebelle! I cannot imagine Anderson talking to me in Japanese, but that thought excites me!! I guess Anderson needs to learn lot of languages so he can communicate with all Anderfans around the world.

I don't want to admit this but I'd always thought 360blog would have been a nicer place if Anderson had written more often. He says he will try blogging at least once a day. We can expect to see another post pretty soon! Yay!

Jan, Delie
Thanks for the tip on 60 minutes. I was too late to blog about that. I've posted some photos from the video. I hope you like them!

Living on the opposite side of the earth, Anderson always write when I was asleep. Now I have to check out 360 blog first thing in the morning!