Friday, December 14, 2007

Ander-jeans again!

I managed to watch Thursday's 360 and it's almost 3:00am here. I an in a bind. Anderson might blog at any moment. Should I wait the new post, blogging about the show? (Speaking of blog, I was so happy my comment was finally posted! I becane even happier to see Delie's comment!) Or should I just go to bed? I have work tomorrow, so I'd take the latter opction.
Thank you all the comments you left for previous posts. I'll write to you soon!


anne said...

Hi Mio,

What is up with him wearing the jeans,I wonder?

I have downloaded the podcasts for this week,but have not watched them yet,
I hope fun Andy is on there!

Thanks for the Anderjeans pic.

Délie said...

Yay! Thanks for the Anderjeans pic!
I was surprised to see my comment posted. Actually, I have sent two, the first was about the doping in Baseball because it's a topic I know "well". I sent it too fast and forgot to say something about the 60 minutes report. As I did send a feedback two days ago about this story, I thought I would be "fair" to thank them... And this one was posted, thinking it will be read but not posted...

I can't wait to watch the Gorilla's story.

mio_bella said...

Anderson often wears jacket & jeans and that's really nice. I'm often dressed that way. However, jacket & white shirt & tie with jeans sometimes looks strange. It's like he wetted his pants and didn't have another.

I didn't expect them to read the comments sift them all. These days, it seems almost anything is posted as long as sent in a good timing. It requires us to write our name etc., but posts by anonymous persons can be posted. Anyway, I'm so glad that they chose our comments! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Hi mio bella,

I enjoy your blog. I noticed a comment that I think was yours on youtube about wanting to see an appearance Anderson made on Conan. I just wanted to let you know that you can watch it here:

I missed it when it was originally on too, so I was really happy to find that webpage myself.

Anonymous said...

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