Thursday, December 13, 2007

All About Hair

This is the problem I have every day, but Anderson is too sexy to report news.

Republican Debate is not so important for me as I am not an American, but the parts they discuss oil problem and abortion issue were interesting.

As for the oil, it is impossible for Japan not to rely on foreign oil. If we were to stop importing oil, all we could do is developing alternative energy. However, American politicians were talking about refinery. They can still count on oil.

Concerning abortion issue, I think it's up to individuals and therefore it shouldn't be restricted by laws. Irresponsible, uneducated parents raising children sounds even worse. I have more to say, but this might not a proper place to discuss.

All About Hair

John Lennon's hair was auctioned!? What would you with it? Or what would you do if you had a chance to get AC's hair!?

I loved this pic! The cat really looks nice and sexy with that blue wig. I checked it out, but I couldn't find catwigs. However, I found dog wigs.

Hey, do we look sexy?

Finally, AC's favorite pic of Gary Tuckman in "wig"

Is there any John King fan? This is my first time I found JK beautiful. He looks nice with beautiful snow on his back. The contrast of white snow and his black jacket makes him look neat.

Anderson was wearing jeans! Is this why he has scarcely stood during the show for months? I do love Ander-stand. When I see him in jeans, I love it even more!

I would love to spend "New Year's Eve," it would be around noon in Japan though, watching CNN live!

...Anderson does not look yummy in this photo. How can I describe this picture? Artificial? Graphic? Phony? Too much makeup?

AC: ... cheesy picture of me...

Yeah, that's the word! CHEESY!!!
At the beginning of this blog, I said that AC was again too beautiful for me to concentrate on the show itself. You must see more beautiful Anderson's pictures!

(No misspellings found! Yay! However, there might be a lot of grammatical mistakes or strange English..)


anne said...

I love your screencaps,Mio!

The dancing 360 crew was so funny!

Anderson seems to be in a wonderful mood!!

Délie said...

"Is there any John King fan?". Me! Me! U.S. politics are clearer and more interesting with him.

New Year's Eve with Anderson! The broadcast will start at 5 a.m. for me... Only one solution: partying all night long til 5, and then watching CNN live!

Thanks for the caps, Mio!

Jan said...

Mio-Great caps. Any chance you could post the cap where Anderson was wiping his face with his hand. He looked like he either didn't feel good or he was tired.

I don't know who I am going to vote for yet, but I am sure tired of them attacking each other. They need to be telling us what they are going to do for the country and quit swiping at each other.

pebbles said...

I agree with you Mio, I was surprised to see him in jeans on the show. I love him on jeans. Does it have anything to do with the weather they're having in NY? I don't know...
I think a lot of us have noticed that 360 has improved in the past weeks (we're all enjoying it, right?) with the blog updated daily, Anderson's daily blogging and keeping up with his resolution, and he seems to be always in a good mood. I just hope it lasts.
Regarding what jan said on him wiping his face, yeah I think he was feeling tired. I think he saw himself on the monitor and proceeded to wipe his brow and fix his hair instead. That's just my guess.

pebbles said...

Thursday's 360 was great, as usual! Anderson's in jeans again, I really think it's because of the weather they're having. He said in his blog he was wringing water from his clothes all day LOL! I'm glad to know his special New Year's Eve guest is Kathy Griffin. Oh boy, that's going to be a riot - and Erica will be there too! It's gonna be fun and "funner" with Kathy as Anderson said. I'm looking forward to the New Year's Eve Special and like you Mio, I'll be watching it at 12NN here in Manila.

mio_bella said...

Anderson is happy to be surrounded by such cheerful crew!

I didn't know you like JK!
Your New Year's Eve sounds exciting! I'm thinking of what iParty shot to send... Just now I come up with this idea. Volunteers from here are sending a picture with your country's famous scenery on you back and make a wallpaper like you, Delie, often do. Of course AC's pic is going to be in the center of the wallpaper. Does anyone want to pitch in?

Jan & Pebbles,
I didn't capture that moment of Anderson wiping his face. But I still haven't deleted Wednesday's show from my HD and I could do that. But watching the show all over is a little bit time-consuming to me. I'd be glad if you let me know when he did that.