Friday, December 07, 2007

Abbreviated Edition of ...

I was really inspired to watch CNN Heroes. I cannot help wondering what I can do to promote good society.

After coming back from work and started watching the show. It's already 2:30am. I don't think it a good idea to blog a lot about the program. It's too good to write in a short time. Maybe, next time... Along with some pics that I took when I went to the museum in April.

Speaking of the museum, I like the idea of holding this remarcable ceremony at American Museum of Natural History. I at first thought "That's cute!" But there is a meaningful reason why they chose this place. Theodre Roosevelt's remark. This is what everybody that was nominated to the prize believes in.

At the ceremony, I had no chance to cry for Anderson as I was paying attention to all the HEROES. As soon as 360 started, I screamed!! He looked different, didn't he? A gorgeous host has changed into an intelligent newsman.

Well, I've gotta go to bed right now.
"Ja, Sonnna Wakede"
(Do you remember what you might have leaned from previous "Zuiikin Japanese?")

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copperfish said...

@Mio, why were the videos called "Zuiikin"? I'm just curious. :-)