Thursday, December 06, 2007

360, Zuiikin & 60 minutes

Anderson blogged for the first time in a long time. In Japan, we expect it to rain or even snowstorm when someone does something that he/she rarely does. So, Anderson blogged. As might be expected, the program was changed. Actually, I was expecting to see some more "Zuiikin English," but as soon as I leaned about that mall shooting, I was ashamed of myself for expecting some silly thing. But still, I haven't got tired of that crazy video. I'll introduce another video later!

When I heard that there are at least 4 mall shooting in 2007, I couldn't believe my ears. Only in 2007!? And just "MALL" shooting, excluding random shooting, or school shooting. How come people cannot learn?

I liked the way Anderson shifted segments. He was pretty much determined to change the screen to the press conference as soon as it starts.
However, he didn't want to let the speaker talk about what they'd already known. Apparently, CNN has more information.
After that, he was talking with a witness on the phone, and he ended the conversation by brusquely saying "we know that." Then commercial started pretty soon. He might have improved time-management skill after Republican Debate.
"Zuiikin English" Time!

Anderson went to Congo about a month ago and you will finally get to see the report. Sadly I cannot. I'll just turn to CBS Video. They already show us a preview of the report.
With just 700 mountain gorillas left on earth, CNN's Anderson Cooper finds some high in the African jungles and reports on why they have become so endangered on this Sunday's 60 Minutes.


anne said...

I am looking forward tothe 60 minutes piece.
Thanks for the pics,Mio!

Délie said...

Me too, me too, me too!

Mio, thanks for the Zuiikin of the day! Does anyone know what means P-low: the skillful abbot?

Beppu said...

Hi Mio: Very busy these few days. I will try to email you on the weekend. Thanks for inviting me to email to you!

Looking forward to 60 Minutes this weekend!


mio_bella said...

I really hope 360 will let us show the report from Congo!