Thursday, November 01, 2007

What I'm doing on Anderless Days

I was planning on writing some comments on each report from Planet in Peril during this Anderless week. However, I decided to do something more time-consuming. Making Planet in Peril DVDs! Editing is really time consuming! About 6 hours! I started burning a copy before I went to bed and the DVD was burnt right after I woke up. Once I made one copy, it takes shorter time to burn other ones. I did this not only for me. Nobody asked me to burn, but I made more than 10 sets of DVDs! Gee! My PC hasn't have time to rest for such a long time! (Did PiP commercial say that keeping your PC off saves something something something...? Now I feel a little bit guilty of doing some harm on polar bears. But making people watch this documentary will help raise awareness of many people, so please forgive me!)

Anyway, I'll give them to my English teacher, colleagues, friends, students and I'll force them to watch! How exciting! Everybody around me is going to watch AC!

The upper two discs are for me,
and the others are for those who are not Anderson Cooper fanatics.

I'll start updating this blog from tomorrow! It's already 1:30am here and time for me to go to bed.


anne said...

Hi Mio,
I love the labels you have on your PIP discs.Did you just take the pictures and make those yourself?They are wonderful pics!

It is a long week without our Andy!

mio_bella said...

Anne,you did it again!

I was replying to your comment on my previous blog when I got this comment! You are on the other side of the planet communicating with me! This is like chatting!

It'll take longer before I can get PiP DVD, so I made them myself! Tomorrow is when it will be released, right? I envy you!

anne said...

Hi again!

I preordered mine from
It gave the date as November 7th.

I cannot wait to get it-I loved the program!

Your PIP disc labels are really nice,Mio.Great job!

Yes it is amazing,isn't it?We are a half world away in seconds!

copperfish said...

You're very good in what you are doing!!!!

mio_bella said...

Anne, Copperfish,
As you can imagine, I used the large pictures that ATA posted a couple of weeks ago. All I did to make these DVD label was choose some pics! That was so easy!