Wednesday, November 07, 2007

This is 360!

This is 360! Anderson's anchoring, a lot of news on international issues, politics and Anderica!

Anderson had been in central Africa for 10 days and just came back on that day. Everybody's ear seemed to have perked up when he tipped us off on AnderInformation.

Anyway, I'd love to hear about what he's seen there. He said he is airing some segments a few weeks later. Maybe after CBS broadcasts everything? I was hoping to see the report from Niger but they didn't let us show on CNN. I hope they will let us see this time.

We are suffering from severe Anderdrought. What you need must be a lot of Anderpics!

What were they thinking?

Upskirting!? This thing is happening anywhere around the world. In Japan, it is often school teachers that are arrested by this kind of misdemeaner, which is really a shame. How's the situation in your country?

Blogs for upskirting? That's definitely a waste of time. Then what about blogs on 360? I can afford a lot of time!

A cat worth more than $22,000
Erica's cat, which she found in a parking lot, may worth more than that.
But in my eyes, my dog is worth $100,000,000!
Speaking of dogs, I haven't heard any about his dog. I wonder she is safe and sound at home?

It seems Anderson was watching video with his finger on the lips. I heard kissing sounds a few times. Didn't you notice that? That was really cute!

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