Friday, November 16, 2007

Recent Anderson Pics

I have been away from home for a few days and all I can turn to is podcast.

Novermber 12

November 13
Exactly the same suit and tie he's wearing? As far as I know, this is the first time this thing happened.

November 14

Anderson wore this tie for the first time in a very long time!

November 15

Is Anderson back in NY?

Anderson was wearing a lot of "new" ties in June and July. Anderson had not worn some of them for a long time, or he'd never worn others since then.

Very similar to what Patti calls "Yale tie," which was on the list of once-worn ties. The picture is too small to recognize but it has square patterns.

He hadn't worn this tie for a long time but recently he pulled it back from the closet.

Unpopular green tie. Will he ever wear this again?

It is hard to tell, but it has yellow lines. I don't think he has worn this tie since he read my comment!

I guess everybody can guess when he wore this tie!

I call this "chanpagne gold" but is it only because of the light that makes it look different from his usual silky gray tie?


Peter said...

Very interesting post. I wonder how many ties he has, total, and how often he repeats each. Have you ever wondered if he has a favorite one?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Mio! I'm glad you're doing fine now. I was sort of amused when I was reading your post, you still managed to ask for Anderson's book, even if you were in pain. Well, you gotta have him with you. Anyway, get a lot of rest. Great to have you back!


mio_bella said...

I don't particularly want to count how many ties he has. He has so many and many of them are so similar. What is your favorite tie of Anderson's? I like anything that makes him even more handsome!

Thank you! I didn't imagine so many people would care about me. Now even I am surprised how desperately I needed something Andy in that nightmare!