Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Quality of Life

I watched Monday's show over and over after work yesterday. The stories they covered were interesting for international viewers to watch. Not only American issues but the ones that could happen in other countries as well.
Doctors' playing judge

I watched this story for the first time although they've said on their website they'd tell us the story for a long time.

This is a problem about medicine and morality. Japanese are, in general, not a religious people, so I don't think this would ever happen in our country. From my point of view, not giving treatment to those in need sounds just a negligence.

We've seen a lot of medical breakthrough, some of which may be unacceptable to many doctors. In the past, even blood transfusion was not accepted by some religious people. Are there any doctors now that won't allow patients to get blood from others?

Then what about cloning? Currently, they need embryo to create stem cell, but to some people, this is ethically wrong. (I have to add that Japanese group of scientists succeeded in creating a stem cell using human skin.)

Another example is xenotransplantation. I've heard a story about transplanting pig's hearts to human body. Is it okay?

If you have strong aversion to violating human body, you won't keep up with medical breakthrough. To me, giving contraception treatment is not ethically wrong. Some religious people believe that's something they can never do. But they should think about overall consequence. Will babies lead happy life? If they know everybody around the new kid is having problem and that they are having hardships for the rest of their lives, how can one force them to have such ordeals?

You can say the same thing about abortion issue. One republican President candidate has not decided which to support. I can understand that. A president should be humane person. They should appreciate each person's life. However, if you don't allow abortion, you might have a problem of quality deterioration of your people. This may sound such an exaggeration. But in the worst case scenario, this thing might happen. Many of those who are unable to raise kids would be made to do that.

Speaking of a president...
How do you like this picture? Incumbent president and the one who "used to be the next president." I think Al Gore was right not to become "the next president." He can devote himself to global war"n"ing and raise a lot of people's awareness. If he had become the president, he wouldn't have been able to devote that much. He has made such big impact. He looks full of confidence, while the president looks ..., well..., what's the proper word to describe his facial expression? I don't want to use bad words and I don't find any nice ones...

I wrote a lot! By now, some of you might have dozed off...

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