Friday, November 02, 2007

Planet in Peril 2 - Lake Chad-

  1. Once this lake was the 6th largest one in the world.

  2. Lake Chad borders four different countries;

  3. 37 million people are dependent on this shrinking lake.

  4. This lake is evalolating because of climate change and overuse.
Rainy season in Niger looks like this.

Africa is the lowest carbon emitter and the most vulnerable to climate change.

They are trying to find what causes the lake to vanish, which I thought a very unique perspective and the reason that we want to know. However, I wasn't able to understand fully about the reason. Water in the lake is disappearing and the land is appearing, which block water from Chari River from flowing in? Even though lands are appearing, the depth of the lake should be the same. Does that mean the river itself has less water??

This fish should grow up to be 60 kg! Fish getting smaller means people getting smaller as well. Those fish are of course unhealthy, poor in nutrition. People are becoming unhealthy as well and they are becoming sick.

Tens of million are competing to get this precious resources and you can see daily struggles there. However, some people there are optimistic. Even under that harsh condition where there seem to be little hope, people live with hope. I don't know how many of them are informed of global warming and what causes that harsh condition.

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