Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A PictureWorth Posting

I was thinking of not posting for tonight's show as I have to watch 2-hour debate and 2-houd (or one-hour?) AC360 tomorrow. I'll have a lot to do. However, I think this picture is worth posting!

Is this a new suit he was wearing last night? Sometimes, it looks like navy blue, and sometimes, black.


anne said...

Definitely worth posting,Mio!
Oh, he looks so handsome!

Délie said...

Very busy times for me too! Not sure I will be able to watch the debate! I have a crazy schedule tomorrow and watching Anderson and the Republicans from 2 am to 5 am could be a little "too much".
But a kind of inner voice tells me I won't resist and be in front of my TV...

Pati Mc said...

Oh my gosh, I almost could not breathe when Anderson came on last night! He looked STUNNING! Thanks Mio for the beautiful screencap.

Ohm and that is not a new suit, he has worn it lots of times before. It is black, but he has a blue on just like it. Confusing!

I love the second picture. He looks so cute from the side because it shows off his very white bangs and the dark stripe of hair across the middle of his adorable head. My favorite! All the time I say out loud, "my God he is cute"! LOL

Not that anyone here would agree with that or anything. Ha ha ha!

It will be a long night - 2 hours of debate and an hour (at least) of Anderson afterward. I am so tired and like you Delie, I should get rest, but we all know that we will watch anyhow. We MUST respresent! Go Anderson! ;)

Oh Mio, have you heard of the American Girl dolls? They have made a new one named Mio! She has red hair though. But I just wanted to tell you that an adorable doll shares your pretty name.

Do any of you girls think that they should make an Anderson doll? That would be so funny! Let's face it, we would be lined up to buy one. LOL

Enjoy the show tonight! I cannot wait. I have everyone at work watching.

Jan said...

I thought the suit was navy and if it was, I saw him wear it in person at the book signing in Atlanta and he looked mighty fine in it, except he looked SO skinny. He needs to start gaining that 10 pounds he mentioned on Glenn Beck show last week. LOL

copperfish said...

I don't think it's new it looks liked he had already worn it before. I do liked the suit he wore last monday, that to me seems to be new.

mio_bella said...

Sorry for my late reply!

He looks gorgeous all the time, but special occasion like this makes him even sexier!

I was pretty busy and felt bombarded by lots of Anderson. Did you watch them all? I didn't finish watching the whole 360 but just turned to podcast...

Thank you for the info on the doll! I am searching for a pic on the net, but I still cannot find one. I'm curious to see it!

Anderson may need to gain 10 pounds... Actually I did gain 10 pound last year and still cannot get rid them all! I really need more exercise.