Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Insatiable Thirst for Live Anderson

Since I had contracted that "stone" inside my body last Tuesday, I haven't seen Live Anderson. Too bad he withdrawed on the day when I came out of the hospital! I have a book, podcast, videos from past shows... That's not enough. I am watching 360 without AC, but I don't feel like blogging about them. I cannot believe how unfaithful viewer I am as I've always fancied myself as a faithful 360 watcher. I understand it's a holiday season and I never want them to force Anderson to appear on the show. But please allow me to become a little bit selfish. I WANT TO SEE HIM!

I can't wait to see our Andy again..
Or he might be too busy preparing for the YouTube debate, checking out tons of videos.


anne said...

HI Mio,
I usually don't watch either when he is not on!

Hope you are doing better now!

Fiona said...

Anderson Cooper hosting the Cnn Youtube Debates, I can't wait. I'm sure it will be a FEAST for my heart.

anne said...

I wonder if Anderson will be on at all this week?
Cannot wait to see him on the debate next week.

To Meaghan from the ''Global Warming'' post-I am in Canada,too!!

Jan said...

To All his piece from 60 minutes is listed for tonight. Probably won't have him live, but at least we can get him taped.

mio_bella said...

Thank you Anne!

I'm feeling much better and started commuting by bike again. Yeah, I am an eco-friend.

I don't say "I don't watch." At least TV is on, but I am not paying enough atenttion to it. But reading your comment, I'm feeling less guilty.

I'm wondering the same thing. Anderson may be off all through week..

You are also a foreigner and you might not paying as much attention to American politics as American people do. But I guess we are looking forward to the YouTube Debade just to see a yummy host! In Japan, they are airing two-hour Debate, 2-hour AC360 and rerun of 2-hour Debate again. 6 hours!

You are lucky to see Anderson on other TV channels. I can just turn to recorded 360 or podcasts. I'd love to see stories Anderson donated for 60 minutes. He used to let us watch on 360, but he quit? He went to Niger two years ago so 360 viewers would love to see his story about a new type of paste rich in nutrition. He went to Congo last week. We need to watch his report this year again! Maybe I should write a petition to CNN.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mio, if you want to see a new clip of Anderson (it's not LIVE though like you wanted) and in case you don't know yet ATA posted a video it's an interview with Glen Beck. This was taped I think after the debate last week because he already has short hair. It's a funny interview, it's what we like seeing him do. He's smart and witty. I wish he'd be this way sometimes in AC360, he's cute when he's trying to be funny.


Jan said...

Mio and all International blogger, Anderson is going to have a NEW 60 minutes piece on this Sunday. You can go to the 60 Minutes web site and see an intervieew Anderson did for the show. It is really great just seeing him.

I am sure someone will post the clip once the show airs on Sunday night, but this is a special interview that Anderson has done.

mio_bella said...

Thanks for the tip! I haven't checked that out, but I will have to! Definitely!

This seems to be an interesting interview. Thanks!