Thursday, November 08, 2007

I was on 360 again!

Being an "outsider," I'm not so interested in politics, immigration battles, that polygamist leader, OJ, witch hunt, which I hardly understood, and that guy called "Dog." I've never seen him and I don't know who he is. But one thing is obvious. He is not at all photogenic and I didn't enjoy seeing him. I'd already seen him on LKL before the show.

Instead, you need to see our photogenic anchor!

What a beautiful profile!

In Japan, hugging is not a part of our culture. We rarely do. Because we rarely do, I really feel love, friendship, tenderness and many other nice emotions when I am hugged. We are seeing a lot of heinous crimed caused by young people. Lack of love is one of the reasons why they cannot understand other people's feelings. Showing their love extremely might go far and lead to sexual crime. But teaching children not to show their love might have worse influence on children in a culture where hug plays an important part in communication.
I also heard that in some schools, for teachers to touch students is punished. I forgot where these schools are, though. I didn't touch my students so often. But sometimes, when they are depressed or nervous, just tapping them on the sholder seems to soothe them. This might be a critical behavior? It's really hard to tell. Asking to give me a big five is a nutral, fun and the best way to touch kids.

On finishing talking, Anderson opens his PC.
Here are some English sentences that my students were learning the other day. How often do you use these phrases?

  • As soon as Anderson finished talking, he opened his PC.
  • The moment Anderson finished talking, he opened his PC.
  • No sooner had Anderson finished talking than he opened his PC.
  • Hardly had Anderson finished talking when he opened his PC.
  • Scarecely had Anderson finished talking before he opened his PC.

How do they sound to you?

Anderson showed the preview of tomorrow's Roundtable Discussion.


I was on the screen again!

Ugh! My face is tooo big!

Then they are answering my question!
This is too good to be true! I'm going to see myselft again tomorrow!

The other day, I posted a picture of Ted and some people said they also love him. Here's a Tedpic for you!


anne said...

HI Mio,
you are an Ander celebrity-wow,it is great!I love the screencaps you have posted.
Did Anderson become even more handsome while he was away?
Is that even possible-to get more gorgeous than he already is?

mio_bella said...

I'm also wondering how it could be possible to become even more gorgeous, but he becomes even more attractive and sexier after a long trip!

copperfish said...

@Mio, with regards to your question in your previous post, sometimes nothing is impossible in this world. Ask, believe and receive!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mio, as expected they showed your clip again. And Anderson even thanked you for plugging his book. I can only imagine how excited you are right now.

Isn't it sort of weird for him to go on LIVE for 5 mins. just to cover OJ? The good part there is we got to see him LIVE today and we heard a little snark from him.


mio_bella said...

Thanks for your comments and sorry my reply is late.

Nothing is impossible. That's true! Only a few years ago, communicating with people from all around the world like this was unthinkable, let alone seeing myself on American TV!
We should keep Asking and Believing until we Receiving something good!

I have been so excited since he thanked for the plug! I still feel as if I were invincible!