Friday, November 16, 2007

@ the Hospital

I'm finally back! Thank you so much for your comments. I was able to READ them with my cell phone, but I couldn't WRITE anything with it.

Here's what had happened to me. It was a horrible nightmare. But still, I never forgot Anderson!

DAY #1
9:40am --- I suddenly got attacked with an acute abdominal pain. I was planning to go shopping at 10:00. The department where I go almost every day had one day super-sale. I was looking forward to this opportunity. After 20 minutes of moaning and screaming, I decided to go to the hospital instead of the department. The hospital is located within 30-second' walk from my home. But it seemed to me a long distance. After I arrived at the hospital, it was a disaster. I was screaming, moaning, moving around violently. I could hardly see nurses' or doctors' faces. I couldn't even sit up. When I did, I vomited. I was lying still but sometimes I felt pain and moved then I vomited and vomited. Even during such a nightmare, I didn't forget to ask Mom to bring some things I needed. (I had nothing with me then.) --pajamas, slippers, toothbrush and Dispatches.

9:00pm--- I could finally move. I sat p and walked for the first time since morning. Then I notice an email from my BF. "You must be really bored, not being able to see Anderson!"
I replied, "I already got his book!" He was surprised how shrewed I was.

Then I called my school and thanked for filling my lessons. I had been really worried about my classes. But after the classes were done, I started to get concerned about my blog. As you know, I am constantly updating this blog, so I didn't want to keep it untouched without any notification. I asked my coworker, inerbat, to leave comment to my blog. He was the only one I thought I could turn to.

DAY #2
I was feeling much better. I met a doctor who treated me the day before. He turned out to be a young and handsome doctor! I had shared my messiest moment with him! How embarrassing!!

I was about to go through several checkups. However, just before I went into the laboratories, I went to a bathroom. A tiny "stone" came off! (I forgot to tell you that I had contracted ureteral stone.) It was no bigger than a mustard grain, and it looks just like that. I was so glad to see the stone, which had agonized me for a day. Also I felt how weak I was to be agonized by such a tiny object.

Anyway, a nurse asked a doctor if more examination would be required, and decided that I would go through only one checkup. The doctor turned out to be even more handsome here! He said, "Oh, I'm glad you are fine now. You couldn't lie still yesterday." I didn't know I'd seen him the previous day.

DAY #3
Finally I could get out of the hospital! I was supposed to go to school, but decided to take another day off!


copperfish said...

I'm glad that you're out of the hospital. I could've just imagine the pain that you went through. But still you're lucky that you didn't went under the knife to get rid of that stone. You must be experiencing that pain for some time now but only didn't pay too much attention to it.

Mio, you are sometimes funny. You could still see how goodlooking your doctor is even if you're in pain..LOL! Is he more goodlooking than the face on the Dispatches...?
One more thing you are lucky to have such and understanding BF.

Anyway, I'm really really glad that everything is fine and rest well. Your international friends are waiting for you.

mamie said...

I am also relieved that you are getting better. I often hear that "stone" causes huge pain. It was a disaster for you! Take a good rest...

Délie said...

Glad to know you are back home and feel better! Get all the rest you need, Mio!

So, you got a kind of "Dr Sanjay Gupta" to take care of you?

anne said...


I am glad you are out of hospital-I hope you are feeling better!
Take care of yourself!

Nadine said...

Hi Mio,

Glad you are out of the hospital. I went through a kidney stone awhile ago. That is the most painful experience one can have!!

Stay well - missed you,


Jan said...

Welcome Back Mio--I am glad you are feeling better. We really missed you and worried about you. I was glad that your friend did inform us that you were in the hospital even though we were sorry to hear about it.

Take care and get some rest.

mio_bella said...

I really appreciate all of your comments. They really pepped me up. It is really exciting to have friends from all around the world.

By the way, I am fond of introducing Japanese culture and sending something Japanese to my international friends. The other day, I found a nice Christmas card and want to send it to my friends here. If you do not mind, email me your mailing address! Thank you.

Peter said...

Mio, Mio, as usual I am always late with the news from you. I am so glad you are okay, but the description of your first day sounds horrible. I am also glad you didn't need an operation and your stay at the hospital was short. WOW! How scary it probably was. It's so good to hear (read) you are okay and posting again.
Did you take a photo of your handsome doctor?
Take good care now, okay?

Pati Mc said...


So glad to hear that your ordeal is over and that you are back with us.

Please thank your co-worker again for all of us for being so thoughtful to fill us in.

Please rest up and take good care! You are very important to us!

Much love!

mio_bella said...

I was really lucky that the stone came off naturally. Three-day hospital stay was just enough for me. At least, I could do a lot of reading and thinking, which I rarely do in front of my PC.
But you have gone through much longer period in the hospital, haven't you? That must have been tough for you. How are you feeling now? I hope you're perfectly OK.
I didn't take pictures of handsome doctors.

I'm also glad you are happy because I'm back. I still have a pain in my inferior abdomen. Perhaps I should not think about that so much. I am working on some program using AC360 and seeing Anderson at work really soothed me! Yeah! Anderson is my best cure!!