Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Finally Anderson is back! I imagine everybody here screamed from many parts of the world when AC appeared! Actually, I was out when the program started, and screamed one hour later.
The TV was on, but I wasn't paying attention to the contents itself. I was just looking at our man. I'll write about the show and post more photos again later!

Ellee wants to see Anderson's brain! Here are two of them I captured!

It's so funny. We are not completely satisfied with how nice Anderson looks. We need to see inside of his head!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes Mio, you were right Anderfans are definitely screaming and delighted that he's back. We terribly missed him, didn't we? Anderica was cute did you see him dozing off while Erica was talking LOL! He was getting bored, I think but he was joking, of course. Anderson being silly delights me, I don't know why.


copperfish said...

I wonder how Anderson chooses his topics for 60 minutes because they're really good and interesting.

andyargentina said...

Hi Mio.
He´s back and many people around the world are happy!!!
We missed him so much.

anne said...

Oh it is so good to have him back again,isn't it??

Thanks for the great screencaps,and I like the one of Anderson's brain as well!

have you seen the ATA site?
They have changed it,and it's fabulous!
It was always fabulous,but even more so now!

mio_bella said...

I cannot get used to see Monday's Anderson! Since I came back from work, I am running Monday show again and again. It is even on now! Still, every time Anderson appears, I felt like screaming! Too bad I can't do that because it's almost 2:30am already!

I do agree with you! Every story he donates for 60 minutes is really fascinating. As I said earlier, AC360 used to let us show stories, but they haven't recently. International viewers need that!

We are suffering from the thirst for the fresh anchor.

When I saw the image of Anderson's brain, I imagined how Hannibal Lector would think. He might find it yummy!

I did check out ATA yesterday! They are awesome!

ME Ellee said...

Oh Mio,

Thanks so much for the brain pictures. Doesn't he have a wonderful brain? It just looks wonderful, don't cha think?

I need to borrow these for a while. Thank you loads and loads.

We all appreciate you and your great blog. Keep up the interesting and informative work, and all the lovely screen caps.

Let's hear it for Mio. Yaaaaaay Mio!!