Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I didn't know how terribly I'd missed Anderson!


Jan said...

I was so surprised to see Anderson back tonight. Yes I think we all missed him soooooooooo much.

And to think he said he just got back from the Congo today. He sure looked good for traveling so far, for so long.

ANDERFAN said...

Hi Mio =)
Why can that man just be on full week...I honesty it dosen't even surprise me any more when he isn't on, and it is of frequent occurrence. I know that he is a excellent journalist and a good talker.But not much else...I think that he is insincere. Also I'm a big fan of Anderson have been since
"MOLE" Are you anger?? I'll apologize if you felt an unpleasant feeling about my comment
Thanks so much for all the awesome

copperfish said...

@Mio, if you had a heart attack because of him being back after more than a week of absence, I don't think there's a cure for that...LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mio, it was so funny I experienced butterflies in my stomach 15 minutes before the start of AC360. I think something was telling me that Anderson was going to be on and I was right. Maybe I was about to get a heart attack like you, or maybe it's just that I terribly missed him so much. Wow, he just got back from the Congo today and he's back at work the same day. All the while I thought the reason he wasn't on last Monday was he had to rest from his trip, which I know Anderson wouldn't do. We all know he's a workaholic. But I'm so glad and happy that he's back, he made my day!


Pati Mc said...

Hi Mio!

Like Pebbles, all of a sudden I had a feeling that he would be back as well. I turned on LKL at 9:45 and there he was. I could not breathe! And he looks just perfect too.

There is nothing as good as Anderson delivering the news.

Yes, I believe I could hear the joyous cries from Japan, Paris, Camp Hill, PA, the Phillipines, all over the world, "He's Back"!!!!!!!

Beautiful picture Mio, Thanks! =)

Délie said...

OMG! Pati! Did you hear me screaming from Paris??? Sorry!!!
It was so good to see him back... And good program too!

anne said...

I was so so happy to see him last night!!
Nice pic, Mio!
He must have been tired- he just had got back from the Congo the same day.

mio_bella said...

He looks even sexier when he is back from trips. What he needs is seeing the world.

Thanks for your comment. I am in a bind when Anderson is off from the show for a long time. He needs that, but I miss him. But I do not complain as he is preparing for something great that would worth days of Anderless 360.

Actually, I have a heart attack every time I see him, and I guess everybody here does!

Butterflies were in my stomack too! 15 minutes before Monday show as well. I knew John King would be hosting, but I sat still in front of my TV waiting for Anderson. JK appeared, I collapsed. But yesterday, I got ecstatic and infatuated for 15 minutes before the show started!

You are so funny! You could hear everybody cry with joy! How exciting to share excitement at the same time! I only attached one picture from the preview, but I just posted a lot more from yesterday's show. I hope you enjoyed them.

I not only heard your cries but I felt a slight earthquake because you collapsed!

I'm so happy he is back! And I just saw him on the teaser now! Nothing can make my day but AC360 with Anderson Cooper!