Saturday, November 17, 2007

Global Warming

I expected to see first LIVE Anderson since Tuesday, but sadly Soledad appeared... I do like her. I do love this program. But 360 without AC sometimes disappoints me.

I am preparing a big project for my school. I will have my students speak a lot of English. I have a lot of activities for the seminar. I'm showing a lot of clips from Planet in Peril! Yeah! I'm seeing Anderson during my lessons! How exciting! I enjoy working most when I can "officially" see Anderson at work! (His pictures are everywhere around my desk, though.)

Not only from Planet in Peril, I am trying to find a lot of info for students. I recently got An Inconvenient Truth DVD. I bought the book a long ago, but DVD is much better and influential. One of the things that you can do to save our planet is... to tell your friends to see AIT! That's really true! Please watch! Or am I too late??

I'm introducing one of the activities for the seminar. If you are really free and bored, could you answer my question?

Which of the following ten sentences seems the most alarming to you? And please tell me why.
  1. Polar bears and penguins will disappear
  2. Winters will be 10 degrees colder
  3. Malaria will spread around the globe
  4. Cockroaches will be everywhere
  5. Africa will have more droughts
  6. Hurricanes will be stronger
  7. Skin cancer will increase
  8. Drinking water will be expensive
  9. Many countries will disappear under water
  10. Water wars will break out between nations

In my class, students will be working in group and ranking them from the most alarming to the least.

Hmm, post without AC? This sounds really boring.


How about this?



anne said...

Hope you are feeling better now.

The one I picked is the one about countries being underwater.
I am a bit concerned,seeing that where I live is an island,so what will happen to us if the water levels rise?
We are completely surrounded here in the Atantic Ocean,so I am wondering what the outcome could be here as well.
It is a little scary to think about.

Meaghan said...

Well I know the cockroaches would really freak out Anderson! But I think water wars would be the scariest to live through.

mio_bella said...

Not perfect, but I have to go to work, which might be an obstacle for my speedy recovery.

Japan is surrounded by water and that would be my major concern as well. Do you remember lives of people in Carteret Island? They are just waiting for the island to sink beneath the sea. If more and more people should lose their lands, there might be wars over lands. This is a really scary thought.

When I added the cockroach sentence, I thought one of you would mention this!
Water wars... This is really scary. If you were wounded, you would need even more water for cure. However, we wouldn't be able to have an access to water, which means more people will die. We might have more infectious dieseases under these circumstance.
BTW, what country are you from?

Meaghan said...

Thanks for the reply! I'm from Canada, and I love your blog - I check back all the time. I just never comment much...-_-'

Water is one of the most basic needs for survival, and more than likely, Canada would be in the middle of one of these water wars, because Canada holds a very large percentage of the world's safe water supply. The generations to come would be killing for water, something I can get out of the tap at home.

mio_bella said...

I'm glad you come back!
Now some middle-eastern countries are making money and having huge power because they have oil. We water wars to occur in the future, your country might be like them. We hear stories about "blood diamonds," in the future, we might have "bloody water." Scary thought!
What we can do now is to stop running water when unnecessary, which is really easy for us to do.