Friday, November 16, 2007

Get Well Message from Delie!

This is what my coworker, inerbat, wrote a few days ago; I bet she'd love a get well message for when she got back, and even thrilled if you sent an Anderson pic from one of the CNN shows that she's missing!
I was thrilled to see this!! Not "an" Anderson pic but a lot of Anderson pics!
Thank you so much, Delie!


Peter said...

Cute card. Smiles are always helpful.

I also like your photo of the week, Anderson all in white, that's unusual. Do you know where the picture was taken?

mio_bella said...

Did you have some Anderson's pic or book with you when you were in the hospital? They must have made you feel bedder.

I've saved so much Anderpics in my PC just like everybody else here, and I don't know where exactly I got the pic..

Peter said...

I was a month in the hospital, and you better believe it, I had the TV on every night at 10 PM, that was my doses of Anderson every day, except weekends of course. For the weekend, I just cried. Just kidding -- snif, snif.