Thursday, November 29, 2007

Republican Debate

When it comes to American politics, I am a completely outsider. What I'm going to say may sound ignorant and sometimes wrong. Just ignore them!

After I finished watching the Democratic Debate, I thought that the next debate would not be as exciting as that one. I had two reasons for that; (1) that was the first, unprecedented trial that nobody had ever seen, and they promoted and promoted and people got really excited; (2) there are "superstars" in that party. They have a possibility to have the nation's first black-American president or female president. How could anybody not get excited to welcome one!? ...This is what I thought a few months ago.

Then how was the 2nd YouTube Debate? I think it turned out to be fabulous! Instead of focusing "superstars," they are delving into so many important factors and candidates' answers were persuasive.
Anderson seemed to play a role of a mere time keeper during the debate. He might have tried not to look distinguished on an occasion like this. He was wearing monotonous suite and tie, however it made him even more beautiful, with blue, red & white wall. (I remember American people have order to mention these three colors, but I forgot!)

All right, my writing is boring! All you need is Anderson!

I admit that I haven't finished watching AC360 yet. I caught a glimpse of it for a few minutes and then I recognized Anderson blinked so many times just after 360 started. Also he sounded so relaxed. He may have been under pressure for such a long time.


Fiona said...

I really loved watching him he was so classy as usual and STUNNING!!I also did like the Debate it was interesting and the questions too. And by the way the whole day I kept sleeping in class 'cause I only slept for about 2 hours but hey he's TOTALLY worth it and besides seeing him it's always a feast for my heart.

anne said...

Thanks for the great screencaps,Mio!!

mio_bella said...

You watched the whole show in wee hours!? Congratulations! I hope you got enough rest during the class, and maybe you might be dreaming about Anderson.

Every time I saw Anderson on the screen, I started capturing nice photos! (Did I really paying attention to what they were talking about?)

copperfish said...

@Mio, you're really good in capturing screencaps, thumbs up! my friend.

I wasn't able to see the live show of the debate but sure caught up the replay later but only half of it because CNN Int'l did the breaking news coverage of the Manila Pen takeover by rebel soldiers(again..). IMO, Huckabee and Ron Paul gave good answers.

Délie said...

Well, I watched it live and, sorry, but it was a waste of my precious sleeping time for me!!! Watching and reading recaps would have been enough...

Anderson was great though!

mio_bella said...

I'm glad you like the screencaps! Being an outsider, I wasn't really paying attention to Republican candidates before this debate although 360 tells us a lot of stories about them. Now I think I come to understand their point of view a little bit.

Anderson was stunningly beautiful but he wasn't on TV all the time. You must have spent most of time listening to old guys. I don't blame you. After spending so much time in front of TV, I felt a kind of guilty.