Friday, November 09, 2007

Quick Review of PiP

They are talking about OJ again! I'm not at all interested in this, but thanks to this, AC appeared live. This is the nicest thing about OJ.

Red background and the red tie is a perfect combination. I prefer blue background but this looks nice too. I got mesmerized and when I stood up when CM started, I tripped on my dog. Anderson looked really gorgeous.

Then recorded discussion started. In general, I am not perfectly satisfied.

They should have delved into each segment more. They should have let us see the whole outtake. We have already watched in on the net, but I wanted that. At the end of the show, Sanjay and Jeff were telling their points of view. Anderson didn't. I wanted to hear his take on this issue overall.

Oh, it seems that I have a lot of complaints to make. I may not have been "perfectly satisfied" but I was happy about the program in these following three points.

  1. Planet in Peril is such a magnificent documentary. This is one of the best. The discussion gave me another opportunity to think about our environment.

  2. The camera went so close to Anderson. I could indulge myself to AnderBeauty.
  3. My third time to see myself on the show! This is too much! I think many of you got fed up with my video. I did! However, I was on cloud-nine for the rest of my day. Anderson started the video, and said that he appreciated the plug. That was a short comment but really something to me. And of course, I am so happy about the expert answering my question.

As many of you know, I have lived in a small town in Japan for my entire life. I got so excited that so many people recognized me when you saw me on the show although I didn't say my name. Thanks to CNN and the internet, I could see the world and could communicate with people around the world. My life has changed so greatly since I started this blog.


mio_bella said...

My post was sort of late this time! I went to bed before I let it go and this article appeared just now.

Jan said...

Mio--you still have to be on cloud nine that your question got asked on the special and for him to thank you for plugging his book was really nice of him. They could have left that part out, but they didn't and I am glad they didn't. I thought you did a great job and it was a great question.

I have to agree, that the special wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but a friend and I was discussing it and she made the point that maybe they were going to do it live after the PIP documentary aired,it would have been better, but because of the California fires they had to postpone it. And of course with him gone to the Congo for 10 days, they probably had to kind of throw it together.

Again, I am so happy for you.

mio_bella said...

I thought they would cut the last part of my video. I felt really embarrassed to be seen that by Anderson but he gave me a nice comment on it!

This special would have been much better just after they showed the documentary. However, the documentary itself would have been better without the wildfire. People's interest on PiP had receded by the time it was aired. We were more interested in what was happening at that moment. And by yesterday, people might have been less concerned.

Oh! AC360 just started! However, it's time for me to leave for work!

Anonymous said...

How Strange!!! Anderson was so strange....
We noticed that during the PinP roundtable discussion his eye looked soooo sad..
we remember clearly.
Absolutely he looked feel seedy. What made him sulky?? I think I'm not sure that maybe he got sore with the 4v-mails???

Pati Mc said...

Hi All,

I loved that fact that CNN left in the part where you show Anderson's book. He was so cute in thanking you for the plug, and seemed rather shy about it. Aw! :)

To see you on the show! I still cannot get over that. Just wonderful! It brings you closer to all of us in the US who are your friends. That was the best part of the show for me.

I was also disappointed in the PIP Roundtable. To me, they did not address what I was interested in hearing and I honestly did not learn anything new. Those 2 men arguing did nothing to help the situation either.

Perhaps some insight on this whole thing. When I attended the PIP Preview in NYC one of the other people in the audience asked Anderson if the roundtable discussion would be included on the DVD. He felt that was an excellent idea and agreed that it should be. Add this to the fact that the roundtable broadcast was abbreviated AND the release of the DVD has been delayed, and I believe that we may have our answer. Just a thought.

I may need to buy the DVD in spite of the fact that I have purchased PIP from iTunes! LOL - Anderson is getting expensive! However, PIP was amazing and I will do all I can to promote and support it.

Soupy Twist said...

Hi Mio,

I've been meaning to comment for a while (I can't wait until I get some vacation time). I wanted to say congrats on getting your video played on AC360. I was so excited to see you on the show!

Nadine said...

Hi Mio,

Enjoyed your V-mail on PIP round table. . . nice job!! Anderson was upset about that one congressman saying that he was threatened by Anderson, remember that part of the show?

Anyway, Anderson is scheduled to speak Tuesday AM outside of Los Angeles at Claremont McKenna University.

Don't know if he will be broadcasting from LA tonite or not at all.

Take care,