Friday, November 30, 2007

A Big Whimp

At the beginning of the show, he said he would have a story about an English teacher in Sudan, where she allowed her students to give a sacred name to their teddy bear. I didn't think I heard that story during the show. Or did I just miss that part when I was talking on the phone??

We got another disgusting story from Saudi Arabia. I cannot imagine which is better, just die or being raped and lashed 200 times after that. I have a lot to think about that.

But I know that all you need is ...

Anderson VS a snake!

Don't you have any small creatures or insects you used to like in your childhood but now you never want to even touch? Centipedes, butterflies (or moths), spiders... I don't to touch them all. I used to press ants to kill but I can never do that any more.

I wonder this boy will be friends with snakes for the rest of his life. But to him, snakes will never become something creepy.

But to Anderson, a snake is something that scares him!
A huge bulding bicep!!!
How many times did they want us to see this moment?


Did you notice this!?

He wants to be a bit stronger, but I love Anderson, who is scared to death of bugs and small creature.


copperfish said...

Oh, Mio! I'm amazed that you really noticed that..LOL!

I wonder how were they feeding that huge phyton. It seems that one whole chicken isn't enough.

Délie said...

Great great great program!!! I enjoyed it very much!

Thanks for the caps, Mio!

anne said...

I love the look on his face in those pics with the snake,and how they showed them over again!LOL

Thanks for posting them, Mio!

mio_bella said...

When I noticed "that," I gasped in surprise! I checked video and you know, I couldn't help capturing that! Now I really want to touch his back skin.

I agree with you. Thursday's program was good for international viewers as well. And seeing a funny Anderica moment really makes my day!

Yeah, staff was a kind of mean to Anderson to have us show an embarrassing moment again and again. But WE LOVED THAT!