Friday, November 09, 2007

Anderson is not off tonight!

I had a hunch that Anderson might be off tonight, which is because they showed two hours of recorded special programs, but he is on! Hooray!


Anonymous said...

He was live for only half an hour then they showed previously shown programs again!In my opinion, he should just have stayed home and rested after a gruelling October schedule. We will understand.

Pati Mc said...

Aw, he sounds sick again. Did anyone else notice how stuffy he sounded? Poor Anderson - every time he flies he gets sick. Does he not know about Airborne? Maybe we need to send him some.

He seemeed to be wearing a ton of makeup too. Hope he is okay. :( I thought he looked kind of congested. I hope he gets some rest. I feel that he needs it.

The Looming Terror was excellent. I have to agree with Anderson and throw in a plug for Larry's book. I am reading it and it is amazing. Now if we can just get the stupid government to read and digest it, maybe we will get somewhere! Yeah, not likely.

Hopefully this week will see 360 come back unto it's own. I remain hopeful.

Jan said...

Pati mc--I thought the same thing Thursday night, that he sounded stuffy. Maybe they are letting him have a little time off, so he doesn't get down really sick like he did the last time.

I am so ready for AC360 to get back to regular type of programs, but wonder if that won't happen until have the two debates coming up.

Did anyone else wonder why they had the wrestling show on for the second hour on Wednesday and it was not part of AC360, but then they had the Tom Forman pieces on the last two nights and they were labeled part of 360? I think CNN is messing with our heads, as to when the second hour of 360 will totally go away. I wish if it was going to happen they would just announce it and let it go ahead and go away. JMO

Fiona said...

hello I just discovered your blog today, you've done a great job, it's really interesting!!!I'm also a huge fan of AC I guess I'm his biggest fan in Belguim lol. I love the guy he's so HOT and charming. I also try as much as possible to watch his show but with school it's kinda hard. Anyway I really enjoyed your blog. ciao

mio_bella said...

Anonymous person,
Now that Anderson has worked too much, we are Ander-off-tolerant. But still, for him to appear on the show for only a little bit makes my day!

I noticed that too. I didn't read The Looking Terror. It sounds really interesting, but so far I have many things to do and I can barely manage updating this blog. I'm so ignorant about so many things including Iraq, Afghanistan, Al Queda, Pakistan so on. If I hadn't started watching AC360, I would never have paid this much attention to situation outside Japan.

Speaking of stupid government, we have a stupid governer here in Japan. A minister said that his friend's friend is in Al Queda...

I was wondering the same thing, Jan. Something that viewers of AC360 might be interested is labeled as 360? Coming Home, AIDS victim in Africa, and so on.

Welcome Fiona!
You are from Belgium! Nothing excites more but having many friends from many countries. Keep in touch!

Fiona said...

Thank you very much, gotta go to bed now it's 1.47 am here. I really hope that Cooper will be in my dreams.

mio_bella said...

Good night, Fiona.
It's 9:50, Sunday here. And it's time to go to work!