Wednesday, November 07, 2007

AC360 with AC


We're seeing him in 10 minutes! Yay!


Hiroko said...

Mio! Mio! Mio!
Are you ready to watch tomorrow's AC360? I'm sure your video will be on again, and this time, with Anderson! They're going to answer your question. Don't faint, don't have a heart attack!
I'm too excited to do my own job!
(Am I right? Am I too excited? Did I have a daydream?)

anne said...

they showed you on 360 again!!
WOW,you may be on again during the PIP show tomorrow!

I love the pics when Anderson puts
his finger to his lips!

mio_bella said...

I got a heart attack again when I saw myself on the show! This time, Anderson tossed the video! That was really surprising to me.

They are answering my question during the discussion! I'll definitely have to record it and show it to my students!

I saw Ander finger/lip and heard the kissing sound again but sadly I couldn't capture that moment.

mio_bella said...

I have to leave for work and cannot update tonight's recap but I'll definitely do later!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mio, AC360 really loves your video they replayed it again and tomorrow they will too. How does it feel that Anderson introduced your video and he has seen YOU?!!! You're sooo lucky I'm now wondering how many hearts attacks you've had for today. LOL!


copperfish said...

@Mio, I think this is the best week of your life...congratulations again!!!!!

Pati Mc said...


I told you! I KNEW that Anderson would replay your V-Mail. And they are answerring your question on the PIP Pane Discussion! How wonderful for you! I am SO excited and happy to see you this time for myself during the show last night. I yelled....OMG.....MIO!!!!! I probably scared the neighbors, but oh well! I could not be more proud and happy for you. Wow! Our own CNN, AC 360 star! Good job!

Enjoy your moment in the sun! As devoted and sweet as you are, you deserve it!

LOVE Anderson with his finger to his lips. I missed the kissing sounds. He must have been sucking on his finger! Too funny. He is so cute - he just cannot help himself. I just wish that they would get their format decided and stick to it. I have been a bit frustrated with the way it has gone lately. But I am glad that Anderson is back and I love that he wore his Yale tie last night. Very handsome! :)

mio_bella said...

I don't know how many heart attacks I had so far. Maybe I'll have strokes tomorrow!

This is the best week in my AnderLife. My dream is to see and talk to him in person. I was talking with another Andercrazy friend in Japan and this is what we agreed on; "We cannot die until we see him in person!" Do you agree this too!?

I'm so glad I can share this excitement with you! I cannot wait to see the show tomorrow. It's 2:50 in the morning here. I am too excited to get sleepy! I hope I won't oversleep so that I can see it live! (Here AC360 starts at 12:00 and the chance of oversleeping should be very slim)
I love the Yale tie, too. However, I have to eliminate it from my "only-once-worn tie list!"