Friday, November 02, 2007

360 without AC #5



Now I'm back from work and I did my own picture cap.

I don't like seeing myself on TV but now I'm so happy to see my pictures with CNN & AC360 logos!
I usually have my chopsticks with me, or keep it in my drawer in my office. However today I forgot and I asked for disposable chopsticks! I told a lie!!! I feel guilty when I have to ask for plastic bags or chopsticks, which I rarely do. But today, I felt even more guilty than I needed to be.


Jan said...

Mio-- I wondered if that was you. That was a great video. You should be very proud and I liked that you showed that you had Anderson book in your bag.

I like the idea that you can use chop sticks and not have to as for plastic knives and forks and that you have a bag to carry your purchases in.

Congradulations on being on AC360 AGAIN

mio_bella said...

Wow! You're so quick!!
Yeah, that was me. I've been so excited since I saw myself and I am not listening to what they are talking right now.

Recording and sending were fun for me, but seeing myself on TV is nothing but embarrassing! I couldn't watch it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mio, I just saw you on AC360. I didn't hear Soledad say your name clearly but when they showed the video I knew it was you. Congratulations on making it on Intl TV! Too bad Anderson isn't there to see you. You were great!


mio_bella said...

Internet is awesome! I live in a very small town and people outside Japan is watching the same thing at the same time. And you could tell that was me! This is really exciting!

For me, too good Anderson was off tonight! I sounded awful.

Hiroko said...

Congratulations, Mio!
Where can I watch your video? I'm eager to watch it!!
We're so proud of YOU!!!!!

copperfish said...

Wow! Congratulations Mio! You go girl!!!!

Délie said...

Mio, you were great! Congrats! It's so exciting! Wow!

mio_bella said...

Thanks everybody! I am just as excited as you all!

I'm not planning on uploading the segment where Soledad showed my video. It's embarrassing to me...

Several months ago, my comment was read and now that video was broadcasted. I think it's time for me to be calm.

I just came home and was about to write my comment when I received yours! Thanks!

anne said...

HI Mio,

I did not see the show last night,but I just saw your v mail over at the ATA site!

You must be so excited-congratulations!!!!

And you have excellent taste in books too-it is my favorite as well!!!

It was so good to see you!!

mio_bella said...

I am in front of my PC and my reply is so quick!
Yous saw my video clip at ATA!? I'm gonna check that out right now!

Pati Mc said...

Dear Mio!

You are a star of CNN!!!!!

How wonderful to see you on 360! To see and hear you is amazing surprise! I am sad that Anderson was not there when they did this! Maybe they will show it again when he is back as a great example of v-mail!

You did such a magnificent job and the end where you show your favorite book was so cute and charming. Now Anderson knows that he has made a wonderful friend in Japan.

So, so happy for you! EXCITING!

mizzkel said...

I KNEW that was you!!LOL Congrats and what a great question. If I could possibly be coordinated enough to used chopsticks, I'd do the same thing. In the meantime maybe I should just carry a fork

Kara said...

Hey Mio,

Congratulations. I knew that was you as soon as I saw it....very nice job. I've haven't had much time to check the blogs these past few months, very busy with work projects...not alot of spare time, but I wanted to say congrats and great job on the v-mail!! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I saw it, and thought perhaps it was you. You did a terrific job with your video and question. :)

El in NY

mio_bella said...

This is really exciting for me as well! I have been keep in touch with you only by writing, but now you had a chance to see me speak. I'm feeling as if I had talked to you all!

I watched my video again and realized I didn't say my name. (I just said that I am a "viewer" from Japan. I should have told Anderson how to pronounce my name!) However you could tell that was me! That's amazing!

Thank you for your comment! I didn't know I had become famous. I live in a very small town in Japan and you recognized me! That's terrific!

Peter said...


What a surprise! And congratulations! How lucky you are, to be able to say you had your comment read by Anderson and now, your video shown on AC 360. I've looked for the video all over but I still haven't found it, Where can I see a copy of it?

Congratulations again and keep up the contacts with Anderson, you seem to be one of the lucky ones to whom he pays attention to. Great!

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it Anderson won't be on tonight (Monday) I guess we get John King. I wonder what is up with that?

Hanna_Young said...

Hello. Congratulation!!
At the moment I saw you on CNN, I thought "that girl must be mio_bella!! she is great!"

Yeah~ Yon don't know me.^^ But
I used to visit your homepage from "all about anderson" fanpage.
Everytime I came to your website, I was really shocked. You are an asian girl as I am. But you did great job but I don't.

I was a wimp so that I didn't want to make any comment on fanpage and my blog because of my level of English. I have only watched and read writing and comments about Anderson cooper 360 for almost 1 year.

However, after I visited your homepage by chance, I realized I was stupid. Thesedays I am trying to practise to write more on website, regardless my poor level of English.

Thank you a lot^^ You encourage me.And congratulation On your appearance on AC360^^..

By the way, your english is really great!

Aki said...

Hello Mio,

During not visitng for a couple days...CONGLATULATIONS!!!
You are so great!!!
Japan is one of the most ECO-concious countries so I am so proud of you about your actions as Japanese sender of the information.
I also bring my own shopping bags as much as I can. And also I want to introduce this website. (Team minus 6%)(Japanese only)
Here is the Japanese goverment recomended and support activites.
Whoever lives in Japan, anyone can join this activity.
"McDonals Japan", "Toyota Motor" etc join and support this activity.
Please join this website if you are interested in. (You may already know...)

Congratulations, again!

mio_bella said...

Thank you for your comments! I really think I have been so lucky so far. When I posted this blog, I was pretty much determined that I wouldn't post the video, but I did. I want to let my brother and friends see it. I might want to delete it after I finished showing it to them. But here's the link;

Anonymous person,
You were right! Anderson was off again! I'm starting to miss him terribly.

Welcome Hanna!
This is our first time to talk to each other but you recognized me! That's fantastic! I see you are from Korea and English is not your mother tongue just like me. I was not at all good at writing English when I first started this blog, but I think my writing skill has been improving. I'm a "foreigner" too. You don't have to be afraid of making mistakes. I always do. Why don't we improve our English together? This sounds really nice!

I know fewer people pay attention to any Anderblog during Ander Dry Spell.
I have checked out the link. I always talk about Global Warming and I do know what I am doing is really important. But they cut out the part where I said, "Seeing irresponsible government or big organization harming our planet, I feel really depressed." (This may not be the exact sentence I said. I forgot what I said, but something like this.) Then I said, Do I still have to do this thing when others are damging the planet severely.

Anyway, my video might be used for the discussion and experts might answer my questions! Let's wait and see.

Hanna_Young said...

I've seen you for 2 days on AC360.
You were aired again.

My reply is sort of late..but I am glad to hear that.. Let's improve our English together.
This sounds really nice to me!

mio_bella said...

Your comment made me so happy. I am teaching English although I've never had any experience abroad. And I might be able to play a little part in encouraging you ro improve your English. It is really exciting for me to have a friend outside Japan with whom I can study English! Let's keep in touch!