Friday, November 02, 2007

360 without AC #4

The more advanced technology we've got, the more controversial issues have sprung up.
I think the wife is so naive to put on her signature on a document that promises that she will discard those embryos in case of divorce. This wife does not envisage the future with potential baby. She might not be welcomed by his/her father. This is the saddest thing for the baby. How come she can raise the baby without love from Dad?
Is there any difference between embryos inside womb and those outside it? This seems like a different question. All embryos have the same right to grow up to be a human. Every embryo should be important. However, there is one thing that is obvious. If the embryo is outside the body, she should not be considered pregnant!


anne said...

I hope our Anderson is back on Monday-miss him a lot!

Mio,Wolf has a Democratic debate in the middle of November(15th I think) in Las Vegas.
Anderson has the Republican youtube one on November 28th in Florida.

mio_bella said...

Thanks, Anne!
I knew Anderson is hosting YouTube debate on the 28th, but I thought I heard that a commercial by CNNj said Wolf is hosting the debate on 29th, I mean 28th in the U.S. I heard that for the first time today, and got a little confused since then.