Friday, November 02, 2007

360 without AC #3

I like Soledad and I like this program. The stories they cover recently are curious to me. However, I am starting to miss Anderson! Last week, we had Anderson overload. At that time, I decided not to complain if Anderson is off for a week. I do not complain. He deserves it and I know he is on assignment and he will soon reveal something really nice. I just miss him!

Oprah's school in South Africa. This is one of my favorite stories they've covered so far. I can see full of hope in a poor country. I admire Oprah's enthusiasm and generosity. What happened there is really heartbreaking, but I believe her school will never be tainted by any misbehavior by anybody as everybody involved this project can always turn to its founder.


Anonymous said...

Omg! me too. I miss him; it isn't Anderson cooper 360 without Anderson. He is the only reason I change to CNN (kinda geeky). He is so cute it isn't the same without him

mio_bella said...

"He is the only reason I change to CNN!" You took words right out of my mouth!

I have a question. I heard Wolf is hosting YouTube Republican Debate. Isn't Anderson in charge? If he is not, I probably won't watch carefully. Not being an American citizen, whether Anderson is hosting or not really matters to me.

Anonymous said...

Mio, there will be two debates on November. The first is being held in Las Vegas with the Democratic Candidates on Nov. 15 with Wolf Blitzer. The second is the Youtube Republican Debates on Nov. 28 with Anderson. I think you had that mixed up so you thought Wolf would be handling the debates.

I agree with both of you I watch CNN because of Anderson too.