Saturday, November 10, 2007


Just some pictures from Friday show.
Pakistan politics. I'm eager to know more about this matter. I've been trying to garner more information since Bhutto came back to her country. This is one of the topic I'm 360-procrastinating.

Al Queda. This is another topic I'm procrastinating. I need to know. I want to know. But I don't have enough time to spend on it at this moment.

I wasn't paying attention to what they were talking, rather, TV was just on. This seems a rerun but when was the last time they aired this special? I don't think I saw this before.

Second hour was rerun of Tom Foreman special. At the beginning, he looked reluctant...

Suddenly, he briefly showed a smiley face.

Then started talking very seriously.

Here's another thing I have been procrastinating.
Have you checked out Planet in Peril Calendar? It's really cool! It's already November 10th and I was really late to post this. (I printed this at the beginning of Novermber.)


Pati Mc said...

Oooh Mio, Pretty pictures and thanks for the tip on the PIP calendar. I have saved it to my computer and I am thinking of taking it to a professional printer to get a really super nice copy. It will be money well spent. A whole year of PIP! Awesome!

Hi to Fiona. Wow! An Anderson admirer from Belgium! How cool is that?! Hope you will become a regular. I agree with Mio - the best part of blogging is making friends from all over the world! A thousand WELCOMES!

Délie said...

I'm back in Paris after a little vacation and just watched the two last AC360. Oh Mio, it was wonderful to see you again on the PIP roundtable! I know it can sound stupid but I'm so PROUD of you! Thanks for the link to the PIP calendar. It helps to wait for the DVDs.

The book "The Looming Tower" is on my Amazon's shopping list. I definetely have to order it!!!

Hi to my European neighbour, Fiona! Coming from the North of France, Belgium is almost my second country! Nice to see another fan of Anderson in Europe!

Mio, I love the first screencap! I have missed so much that look!

Fiona said...

Hello guys just came from the restaurant it's was pretty cool. I had a great time with my friends. And this time I was so excited 'cause I told them that I've found some Anderson's fans on internet and how happy I felt. I think they were pretty happy for me lol.

PS: délie do you also speak French?

Délie said...

Fiona, I'm French...

Fiona said...

cool :P

mio_bella said...

I sometimes took those huge PIP pictures from ATA to a nearby photo shop and had them printed out. They are really great! I have the album on my desk at work! I can see gorgeous photos whenever I can steal some moment there. I did try to have those calendar printed, but it was pretty expensive and gave up and printed at home. The calendar is also at work! AC360 mug, AC360 magnet, calendar, photo album... A lot of Anderson at work!

Delie & Fiona,
Having friends in European countries really excites me! We might be able to have AnderCelebration party in Europe!