Friday, November 30, 2007

A Big Whimp

At the beginning of the show, he said he would have a story about an English teacher in Sudan, where she allowed her students to give a sacred name to their teddy bear. I didn't think I heard that story during the show. Or did I just miss that part when I was talking on the phone??

We got another disgusting story from Saudi Arabia. I cannot imagine which is better, just die or being raped and lashed 200 times after that. I have a lot to think about that.

But I know that all you need is ...

Anderson VS a snake!

Don't you have any small creatures or insects you used to like in your childhood but now you never want to even touch? Centipedes, butterflies (or moths), spiders... I don't to touch them all. I used to press ants to kill but I can never do that any more.

I wonder this boy will be friends with snakes for the rest of his life. But to him, snakes will never become something creepy.

But to Anderson, a snake is something that scares him!
A huge bulding bicep!!!
How many times did they want us to see this moment?


Did you notice this!?

He wants to be a bit stronger, but I love Anderson, who is scared to death of bugs and small creature.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Republican Debate

When it comes to American politics, I am a completely outsider. What I'm going to say may sound ignorant and sometimes wrong. Just ignore them!

After I finished watching the Democratic Debate, I thought that the next debate would not be as exciting as that one. I had two reasons for that; (1) that was the first, unprecedented trial that nobody had ever seen, and they promoted and promoted and people got really excited; (2) there are "superstars" in that party. They have a possibility to have the nation's first black-American president or female president. How could anybody not get excited to welcome one!? ...This is what I thought a few months ago.

Then how was the 2nd YouTube Debate? I think it turned out to be fabulous! Instead of focusing "superstars," they are delving into so many important factors and candidates' answers were persuasive.
Anderson seemed to play a role of a mere time keeper during the debate. He might have tried not to look distinguished on an occasion like this. He was wearing monotonous suite and tie, however it made him even more beautiful, with blue, red & white wall. (I remember American people have order to mention these three colors, but I forgot!)

All right, my writing is boring! All you need is Anderson!

I admit that I haven't finished watching AC360 yet. I caught a glimpse of it for a few minutes and then I recognized Anderson blinked so many times just after 360 started. Also he sounded so relaxed. He may have been under pressure for such a long time.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A PictureWorth Posting

I was thinking of not posting for tonight's show as I have to watch 2-hour debate and 2-houd (or one-hour?) AC360 tomorrow. I'll have a lot to do. However, I think this picture is worth posting!

Is this a new suit he was wearing last night? Sometimes, it looks like navy blue, and sometimes, black.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Anderson alreadylooks so beautiful at the venue! And I believe he would look even more gorgeous tomorrow! I cannot wait!

Quality of Life

I watched Monday's show over and over after work yesterday. The stories they covered were interesting for international viewers to watch. Not only American issues but the ones that could happen in other countries as well.
Doctors' playing judge

I watched this story for the first time although they've said on their website they'd tell us the story for a long time.

This is a problem about medicine and morality. Japanese are, in general, not a religious people, so I don't think this would ever happen in our country. From my point of view, not giving treatment to those in need sounds just a negligence.

We've seen a lot of medical breakthrough, some of which may be unacceptable to many doctors. In the past, even blood transfusion was not accepted by some religious people. Are there any doctors now that won't allow patients to get blood from others?

Then what about cloning? Currently, they need embryo to create stem cell, but to some people, this is ethically wrong. (I have to add that Japanese group of scientists succeeded in creating a stem cell using human skin.)

Another example is xenotransplantation. I've heard a story about transplanting pig's hearts to human body. Is it okay?

If you have strong aversion to violating human body, you won't keep up with medical breakthrough. To me, giving contraception treatment is not ethically wrong. Some religious people believe that's something they can never do. But they should think about overall consequence. Will babies lead happy life? If they know everybody around the new kid is having problem and that they are having hardships for the rest of their lives, how can one force them to have such ordeals?

You can say the same thing about abortion issue. One republican President candidate has not decided which to support. I can understand that. A president should be humane person. They should appreciate each person's life. However, if you don't allow abortion, you might have a problem of quality deterioration of your people. This may sound such an exaggeration. But in the worst case scenario, this thing might happen. Many of those who are unable to raise kids would be made to do that.

Speaking of a president...
How do you like this picture? Incumbent president and the one who "used to be the next president." I think Al Gore was right not to become "the next president." He can devote himself to global war"n"ing and raise a lot of people's awareness. If he had become the president, he wouldn't have been able to devote that much. He has made such big impact. He looks full of confidence, while the president looks ..., well..., what's the proper word to describe his facial expression? I don't want to use bad words and I don't find any nice ones...

I wrote a lot! By now, some of you might have dozed off...


Finally Anderson is back! I imagine everybody here screamed from many parts of the world when AC appeared! Actually, I was out when the program started, and screamed one hour later.
The TV was on, but I wasn't paying attention to the contents itself. I was just looking at our man. I'll write about the show and post more photos again later!

Ellee wants to see Anderson's brain! Here are two of them I captured!

It's so funny. We are not completely satisfied with how nice Anderson looks. We need to see inside of his head!

Monday, November 26, 2007

60 MINUTES -awakenings-

It's been about two weeks since the last time I saw Live Anderson. Anderson was on while I was in the hospital and he has been off since I came out of it. I might have been so bummed. But this time, I did not, actually. During Ander Off, I was checking out some sites of my favorite Japanese singer, whose live I went to last week. I have been a huge fan of him for more than 20 years, but I completely forgot about him for a year. As you know, I was so into Anderson.

Now I've kept up with the singer's latest info, it's time to miss Andy! I finally checked out a story he donated for 60 minutes. Each story sounds like a miracle. I thought it would be a waste of time and effort to take care of people in vegetation state. However, we are seeing a lot of medical breakthrough. They might come back from such a state at any moment. The first patient were just sitting on the wheelchair for a decade and was able to communicate with his family for less than a year after he came back. But that was a precious period for all the member of the family. Their effort bore fruit. I was impressed by the ability of human; we have a strong will and power to survive and also, we are making what is though to be impossible possible.

What I like about 60 minutes is I can see Anderson in different clothes in just about 10 minutes.

CBS Video; Awakenings
I cannot wait to see Anderson! Anderson!! Anderson!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


I was on a short trip to Fukuoka and haven't checked out any Ander-related sites. Jan let us know this video! Everyone here may have already watched this but it's nice to have his picture for the first time in a long time.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Insatiable Thirst for Live Anderson

Since I had contracted that "stone" inside my body last Tuesday, I haven't seen Live Anderson. Too bad he withdrawed on the day when I came out of the hospital! I have a book, podcast, videos from past shows... That's not enough. I am watching 360 without AC, but I don't feel like blogging about them. I cannot believe how unfaithful viewer I am as I've always fancied myself as a faithful 360 watcher. I understand it's a holiday season and I never want them to force Anderson to appear on the show. But please allow me to become a little bit selfish. I WANT TO SEE HIM!

I can't wait to see our Andy again..
Or he might be too busy preparing for the YouTube debate, checking out tons of videos.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Global Warming

I expected to see first LIVE Anderson since Tuesday, but sadly Soledad appeared... I do like her. I do love this program. But 360 without AC sometimes disappoints me.

I am preparing a big project for my school. I will have my students speak a lot of English. I have a lot of activities for the seminar. I'm showing a lot of clips from Planet in Peril! Yeah! I'm seeing Anderson during my lessons! How exciting! I enjoy working most when I can "officially" see Anderson at work! (His pictures are everywhere around my desk, though.)

Not only from Planet in Peril, I am trying to find a lot of info for students. I recently got An Inconvenient Truth DVD. I bought the book a long ago, but DVD is much better and influential. One of the things that you can do to save our planet is... to tell your friends to see AIT! That's really true! Please watch! Or am I too late??

I'm introducing one of the activities for the seminar. If you are really free and bored, could you answer my question?

Which of the following ten sentences seems the most alarming to you? And please tell me why.
  1. Polar bears and penguins will disappear
  2. Winters will be 10 degrees colder
  3. Malaria will spread around the globe
  4. Cockroaches will be everywhere
  5. Africa will have more droughts
  6. Hurricanes will be stronger
  7. Skin cancer will increase
  8. Drinking water will be expensive
  9. Many countries will disappear under water
  10. Water wars will break out between nations

In my class, students will be working in group and ranking them from the most alarming to the least.

Hmm, post without AC? This sounds really boring.


How about this?


Friday, November 16, 2007

Recent Anderson Pics

I have been away from home for a few days and all I can turn to is podcast.

Novermber 12

November 13
Exactly the same suit and tie he's wearing? As far as I know, this is the first time this thing happened.

November 14

Anderson wore this tie for the first time in a very long time!

November 15

Is Anderson back in NY?

Anderson was wearing a lot of "new" ties in June and July. Anderson had not worn some of them for a long time, or he'd never worn others since then.

Very similar to what Patti calls "Yale tie," which was on the list of once-worn ties. The picture is too small to recognize but it has square patterns.

He hadn't worn this tie for a long time but recently he pulled it back from the closet.

Unpopular green tie. Will he ever wear this again?

It is hard to tell, but it has yellow lines. I don't think he has worn this tie since he read my comment!

I guess everybody can guess when he wore this tie!

I call this "chanpagne gold" but is it only because of the light that makes it look different from his usual silky gray tie?