Thursday, October 11, 2007

We cannot wait!

They showed us a lot of scenes they haven't shown us so far. Is it all right to see so many things? I guess it's OK because they still have even more!

I really love the combination of beautiful scenery of our planet and Anderson reporting on how humanbeings are harmful to our Mother Earth.

Ice does look so beautiful. But they must be smaller than it should be.

Earth is not only for human...

We can commands a nice view from our planet.

This is when we appreciate our beautiful planet.

Anderson is scared to death of bugs and frogs isn't he? Was it no problem for him to carry such a huge snake!? We may be able to find out some more detail about this scene for the full documentary.

Don't demolish our habitat, humans!

Watch out!

How come you are punching the ground? What did you find? I'm getting really curious to know that!

---------- from Amazon to Greenland ----------

This is literally 360!

Greenland is shrinking. And an island far away from it is also shrinking.

We should protect rainforest. That's too far away for us to care about it, but it does matter.

Many exotic creatures.

They are suffering from the change as well.

What is he/she doing? It seems to me that he/she is sipping some alcohol drink.

I've never seen an elephant running or skipping! How cute!

Symbol of happiness.

He is an adorable human boy. But he looks so different from people in developing countries. He looks like other "creatures" listed above. They do not have anything to do with global warming but they are suffering from the change "we" have produced. Seeing this boy's cute face, I feel so guilty.

There should be hope.

Hope? The ice IS melting and we cannot stop it.

Have you seen the movie "An Inconvenient Truth?" I got a book but I haven't seen the movie. Another movie "Earth" seems so interesting. This documentary seems like a mixture of two great movies adding a jornalistic point of view.


Nadine said...

Hi Mio,
Hope you are feeling better. I, too, cannot wait until Planet In Peril. It is so frightening however to see the destruction of our environment by HUMANS right before our eyes.

Let's hope this helps raise the awareness level. I am afraid it may be too far gone in some cases, such as the ice melt (global warming) and the illegal selling/exploitation of animals.

I still have not seen an Inconvenient Truth. I will try to get in the next few days.

Take care,

andyargentina said...

I'm happy to read you again. I hope you feel better today. Gongratulations, the pics are terrific!!!!
Take care

Andrea ... from the other side of the world

anne carter said...

HI Mio,
I hope you feel better now,I bet the Planet in Peril pics helped!!
Thanks so much for posting those great screencaps,they are fantastic!
I cannot wait to see the entire 4 hour program!

mio_bella said...

I've always fancied myself as an environmentally friendly person. I do what little do I can that is good for our planet. However, that's just a small-time. I hope those influential reporters will change the mind-set of unfriendly nations or groups.

It's really exciting to share what I captured with you, who are in the furthest country!

By this time, you have already checked out Planet in Peril pictures from ATA. Seeing the huge Anderson's face knocked me out!