Tuesday, October 23, 2007

San Diego

He was in NY last night wasn't he? And he is in San Diego reporting the wildfire! Last week, he surprised us by flying from NY to LA and appeared on the show two days in the row and he did this again!?


Anonymous said...

I know Anderson is never idle, he's always on the go he'll be leaving for the Congo on Saturday but I was surprised to see Anderson LIVE in San Diego, I didn't know AC360 was going to have a special edition. But fortunately I opened the TV and it had just started. CNN Intl. stayed with CNN USA from the start of AC360 through Planet in Peril until the end of AC360. Wow! I watched four hours of Anderson. I didn't know CNN Intl was going to show Planet in Peril the same time as in the States, because they were promoting it at a later time. I'm glad I opened the TV at the right time. Isn't it kind of a coincidence that PIP would be shown in the midst of the California wildfires? As Anderson said while reporting from the CA wildfires to the introduction of PIP "we'll be showing you the global view, the big picture, fire drought, deforestation... it is all connected."
PIP was great, it's just as I expected. Even if we've already seen some of the clips I was still looking forward to what else they had to show. It was pretty obvious Anderson was bothered about the results of his blood test and one of the chemicals found in him could cause infertility. "No!" I shouted in my mind - all Anderfans know we need Anderson's good genes. It would be a waste for him not to have kids. I'm earnestly waiting for Part II, but of course, I will be watching the replay again later.


copperfish said...

I'm not surprised at all if he was in San Diego live to cover the continuing fire storm. He mentioned in an interview in one of the Sunday's broadsheet here in my country that he spend most of his time flying. He's always on the go and prepared wherever there's a disaster especially if it's only in the US.

I was surprised to find that PIP was being shown at the same time as US domestic. I didn't catched the start of the show though but I will sure to see the replay later this evening. Looking forward to the part 2 of the documentary tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

@copperfish: you're from the Philippines too, right? I read that same article you were referring to by R. Lo.


mio_bella said...

I didn't know AC will be leving for Congo. You are really well informed! We'll be able to see Anderson in Africa. However, now he'd leaned he has some harmful chemicals in his body, which he might have got in Africa, he might feel a little bit awkward about going there this time.

As you said, the doctor was saying that some chemicals from his makeups may result in infertility, my ears perked up! After that, they show some "comet-like" pictures. I was wondering if one of them was Anderson's, but they didn't say. Phew!

Did you watch the replay of PiP? I did! So 6 hours of Anderson! And today, too!

You are an international viewer, too? I might have asked where you are from but I forget!

Wow! Phillipine had a nice article about Anderson!? He must be popular there! I never find any article about him in Japanese.