Thursday, October 25, 2007

Planet in Peril Part2 -GREENLAND-

What I learned about GREENLAND
  1. Water reflects sunlight, which melts even more ice. That's a matter of course but I never thought of that.
  2. Tempreture increased by 4.5 degrees Celcius during winter, which is one of the largest temperature increases on earth.
  3. Moulin? The explanation of how iceshield slides is curious.

  4. I didn't know islands are being discovered because ice melts. I was so ignorant that I leaned this for the first time when AC went to Greenland about a month ago. That was shocking to me.
  5. Ice has become thinner by 40% in the last 40 years.

Far more unpleasant moment

Staying under this harsh condition for a month must be difficult. However, they can have fresh bread every day. That must be really good in cold basement. But here is a question. I remember Anderson's comments after he spent 5 days there, without taking a bath or brushing his teeth! Do they refuse not to do that for a month? Too silly question, eh?

Being in a non-English speaking country, I couldn't understand one word. What is funny about how they call a bathroom? Shigloo?

He passes on to Jeff from Alaska.


anne carter said...

I loved PIP!I cannot wait to get the dvd!
Those are wonderful screencaps,Mio!

I have tried looking for PIP on itunes,Mio but when I searched,it did not find it.I thought it was supposed to be available the next day,and all throughout the program they kept showing about downloading it fom itunes.

Have you tried to download it?

mio_bella said...

I'm glad you like my screencaps. I finished watching the replay of PiP again, and I thought there were much more nicer Andermoment that I missed. Maybe I'll post again when I am suffering from Anderdrought next week!

As for iTunes, it is not available in Japan. I tried visiting iTunes U.S. and it's there. $1.99 for 1 hour and 40-something minutes. American people are so lucky! Can Canadian people buy their videos from it?

anne carter said...

when I looked on itunes,I could not find it.I just downloaded itunes last week.It is version 7.4.
Do I have to have an account set up first,and then search for it?
I always bring up all the CNN podcasts,but when I typed 'Planet in Peril' it said not found.
Do you know what the reason might be?
They said it was supposed to be 1.99 each.

mio_bella said...

I'm burning a DVD and my PC is so slow I cannot launch iTunes right now. As far as I remember, I went to U.S. store, and clicked "TV program" category on the left box. When you go there, Planet in Peril is the first one that appears on the page. Just like you, I typed in CNN or Planet in Peril and I couldn't find it.

Judy Stage/Brooklyn MI/USA said...

mio-bella, This a fantastic web site. I am so happy that I linked to it from ATA.
Planet in Peril is a beautiful and informative piece of work. Anderson and his team should be proud and hopefully will take the time to celebrate its success.

anne carter said...

Hi again,
sorry to bother you Mio,but when I went to Tv shows and typed in Planet in Peril,all I got was a white screen,and it did not do anything.There was no listing or even a search done.
Must I have an account?
I have downloaded some free 360 podcasts,but I was wondering if I had to sign up and get an account,and this is why I am getting a blank screen.

mio_bella said...

Welcome Judy!
Thank you for your comment. PiP is such a great documentary. Living in Japan, it will take long before I can get the DVD. So I made them by myself! Not only for me, but for my friends, who usually don't watch CNN. I'm going to make them watch them!
The sad thing is they cannot celebrate their success under this situation.

I hope you have successfully DL the videos. I wish I can buy things from the U.S. iTunes.