Sunday, October 28, 2007

Planet in Peril 2 -Carteret Islands-

"World's first climate refugee." I think I heard this phrase when they were reporting from Maldives. (CNN Video), but it seems the situation in these islands is even worse. Global warming, breached coral reef, and volcanoes... They could never have worse combination like this. What's worse, they do not have any safe place to live in, with the nearest island being unstable.

He is said to be the first "journalist" that has ever dived into the coral reef.

I was also shocked to see many dead coral. That's because the temperature of the sea is rising.

What a journalist! Or should I say, "What a doctor!?"

The sea looks so beautiful for outsiders, however, this coast line is a threat to those who are living in the sea. "People are being washed away," that's what they said. The first time I heard that, I thought that's exaggeration.

However, it is actually washing away trees, gardens, houses, which results in increase of mosquitoes, which carry diseases throughout the island.
This is true. They are being washed away.

However worse the situation is going, there are always people who love their place.

"The island is washed away. It is definitely true. But life here is too valuable to leave." I was touched by her word. People there are suffering from adverse effects from global warming although they contribute little about it.

Next report is from Lake Chad!


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