Friday, October 26, 2007

Planet in Peril 2 -Arctic(Alaska)-

This is an article about Alaska. As you might expect, there'll be no Anderson.

what I learned about Arctic
  1. Polar bears are becoming smaller in the past decades because of they don't have enough foods. They are even cannibalizing each other.

  2. Although they are marine mammals, polar bears are drowning, which I'd already heard before.

  3. They lost vast quantity of ice there, 6 times as large as the State of California. Living in Japan, square mile sounds so unfamiliar to me. I converted the unit and calculated by myself. They said one million of square miles are vanishing? That's 6.8 times as large as Japan! This is really alarming!!

  4. I thought polar bears are on the list of endangered species list but they haven't. Adding them to the list is a double edge sward. It is obvious that the situation cannot be reversed soon, and therefore the number of polar bears will surely decline. We must protect this "rare species." However admitting that this animal is sure to extinct means admitting that the U.S. government, Bush administration rather, will not be able to stem global warming.
I was mesmerized when I first saw wild polar bear running on the ice. That's the image I'll never be able to see for myself. (They said finding polar bears is like looking for a needle in the haystack?)

A mother bear thought they were in danger, she protected their baby and cubs were clinging to their mom's body. They were really cute. I knew those wildlife biologists0 were not attacking them but I felt bad when they took cubs from their mother. Cubs looked so cute however how they barked was scary.

How terrible it is to be deprived of the habitat even thought it's not their fault.


This is our habitat! It's so warm!

Descendants of those polar bears ...

... might be gone.

Now it's your turn, Dr. Sanjay Gupta!


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where you found those pictures? I'm looking for a video clip, but the one in the official site and on YouTube only show the single polar bear, not the one of the mother and her cubs. Do you know where I can find a clip of that?

anne carter said...

We have a long Anderless week ahead!
I think I will watch PIP again this weekend.It really is a fantastic program,and I love all the pics you have posted.My favorite
parts,I think were the Greenland and Yellowstone ones.
That pic of Anderson asleep is so cute!

Can you include some PIP pics in your upcoming photos of the week?

mio_bella said...

Anonymous person,

I take pictures directly from the show, so I don't know if there's a clip on the net. I usually have fun taking Anderson's pictures, but this time, I did enjoy taking those of bears. They are just as attractive as our guy!


Thank you for your constant comment to my article. I really appreciate it.
I love this documentary, too. It usually matters whether or not Anderson is the anchor at 360, but as for this documentary, it doesn't matter who is reporting. All the reports are too valuable to ignore.

The two next articles are reports from Sanjay and no Anderson again. But I'll write. By doing so, I'll have to listen more carefully and that helps me understand the report better.