Tuesday, October 23, 2007

PIP has already begun?

All those stories they covered were somewhat concerned about climate change. All that fire will produce so much amount of CO2, which might be worse than deforestation. In order to extinguish fire, a lot of water is needed. However, there is a city where people are suffering from severe drought. You might call last night's program the U.S. in Peril. I felt a tightening in my chest when I saw a reporter reporting his own house burning down. I really hope for their quick recovery and decent government operation afterwards.

Speaking of fire, one of my friends had an arson attack last night. His family noticed that at about 2:00 and everybody was safe. He is a local TV newscaster and I saw his colleague reporting that incident. I know everybody in his family, actually his daughters are my students, however I am at a loss for word. They were under investigation for such a long time and they might be exhausted. I have to wait till I phone them.

Anderson suddenly grabbed his blackberry? Somebody called him during the show again?

Our lovable trio.
The other day, when his blood was examined to see if there are some chemical in his body, didn't he say that he would let us know during the premier? Or just said later?
Anyway, some chemicals were found in Anderson's blood and his makeup might be responsible for that. When I heard that, I remembered "Neways." I was asked to buy their products a few years ago. She (another friend of mine) said " The rest of the products in the market may contain could-be poison. Our products are free from carcinogen. This is the only product you can rely on." I never used that. Do you know "Neways?" Has anybody used that?
Overwhelming PIP week is starting! I'm going to be really really busy!

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