Saturday, October 06, 2007

Mystery Solved!

There have been a lot of annoying, disturbing, and horrifying stories these days. But finally, they had a relaxing fun moment!

When Michael Ware appears on the show, it is always about Iraq. Yeah, he is not in Baghdad now. He is in France having a ball! It is really nice to see his big smile!

And also Anderson's smile melts us!
Rugby is pretty popular in Japan, but I never had a chance to watch a game even on TV. To me, the rule seems pretty complicated. Michael's explanation was nice. I didn't know it has some old Australian tradition.
It was cute when Anderson asked him about his nose, which goes to a couple of direction! He broke his nose so many times he forgets how many! I imagine how wild he was when he was playing this sport.

Anderson's so glad he could finally ask about Michael Ware's misterious nose!


Délie said...

Life is so amazing, Mio! A reporter for whom I have so much admiration comes in my country for covering an event very important for me. I love rugby! I watch and record all Michael Ware's reports on CNN Intl and I am captivated!

In two hours, I will sing "Flowers of Scotland". I can't wait to see Scotland-Argentina! I like all scottish culture but I also like Argentinan rugby since several players are in the Parisian team! Tough to have a fav tonight!

Ok, too much of Rugby for an AC's dedicated blog! Sorry! Anderson was great Friday!

anne carter said...

It is so good to see Michael Ware having fun covering rugby,and getting a break from Iraq!!
Those screencaps are so cute Mio!!!
I love when he makes those cute faces-he is so adorable!!!LOL

mio_bella said...

When I saw Michael in France, I thought of you, Delie! I can imagine how much excited you were. It was really good seeing Michael smiling a big smile. He always has a tough job, but this time, he's having fun. He looks even cuter.

Now I notice that I've posted all smiling pictures! I do love Anderson's frowning face, but love his smiling face even more!

By the way, how popular is rugby in Canada?