Thursday, October 25, 2007

I will take time blogging about PiP

Yesterday & today, I had Anderson overload and had no time for picturecaps and blogging! I tried taking pictures from PiP Part 2 and I already got more than 10 for just 15 minutes! Recap of Planet in Peril should take a lot of time. I decided to blog about each segment at a time.
Now it's time to leave for work!

Here's another picture at the fire.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mio, to answer your question I did watch the replay of PIP. I had to - I don't care if I've had Ander overload - this doesn't happen that often. Next week we will have an Anderdrought because he'll be leaving for Africa, so no Anderson next week. They mentioned in ATA that he will be leaving for the Congo, so that's how I knew. Well, today I watched 3 hours of AC360 and PIP Part II so far 5 hours of Anderson plus of course, the replay later of Part II. I'm sure all Anderfans are enjoying this.


copperfish said...

I would say that this PIP documantary is great. As I have said in other blog that I wouldn't be surprised if an Emmy is waiting for CNN and Anderson. Kudos to these people who have worked hard on this kind of investigation.

@Pebbles, my thoughts too that we are from the same country as I was reading your previous comments on this blog. I was just ashamed to ask anyway it's nice to know you and Mio. You're right that article was from Ricky Lo on the entertainment section of the Phil. Star. I used to read PDI but weeks prior to last Sunday I dedided to change for awhile. And last sunday, when I turned on the pages, lo and behold I saw the article. Accdg. to R. Lo, it was an exclusive 20 minutes telephone interview with him. Guess what, I kept the article. LOL!

copperfish said...

@Mio, I really don't know if there are a lot of the likes of me and Pebbles in my country. But from my experience only one from my peers knew him so I really don't know.

mio_bella said...

Wow! You indulged yourself in Ander-overload for 7 hours! What a nice day! Although I missed the last AC360 but still 6 hours and watching video again capturing some pictures. Maybe I spent 7 hours on him too! What a perfect semi-holiday! (I was off from my school, but I went to some kids to teach the piano.)

Yeah! This documentary is too great to write about enough.

I'm really glad you and Pebbles are communicating here! I am writing from Japan, and you two are reading in Pillipines. I am getting so excited! This is awesome!