Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hot Guy

At the beginning of the show, Anderson looked hot! We could see a lot of steam rising from him! He must have perspired a lot from a long journey from NY to LA. How is it possible to travel across the continent and appear on the show two consecutive nights? As Pati insists, he needs some rest. Nobody will complain if he takes a week off after the PIP week.

My favorite segment.
What were they thinking??

Hmm, the story is not so interesting to me and it is not getting anywhere.


This is what you call "What was he thinking!"

Did Anderson had him walk across the camera intentionally so that he could the segment more interesting? Or just by chance?

I am always attracted by this incredibly beautiful anchor. But I think he looks sexier in NY studio. Because of the light? Hair-makeup artist? Or just because he feels more relaxed there?

Those polar bears are so adorable. Seeing these cute cabs, I am feeling more sense of guilt. What I am doing affects their lives. For example, I am using a lot of electricity, using the internet, blogging about Anderson, which is one small cause of their losing habitat.
It is easy to raise awareness of "awared" people like you, who constantly watch news programs and discuss what's going on in the world. However the hardest thing will be raising awareness of irresponsible people.
I have some questions to ask about social awareness. I might send V-mail to PIP!
Polar bears are adorable, and so are you, Anderson!


By now, all of you may already know that PIP DVD will be released next month. (Anne is already getting one!)
However hasn't started releasing its info. I believe the DVD will be available there, so I should wait a little longer. At least till November 7th. I almost sent email to amazon asking whether they will sell it or not. But I was wise enough not to do that. That kind of email must be really bothersome to them.
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anne carter said...


That guy walking in front of the
360 camera was so funny-I loved the look on Anderson's and Erica's faces!!What was he thinking??

I am really looking forward to seeing PIP next week.
Anderson does look different when he is in LA-it must be the studio lighting.

mio_bella said...

Anderson does look different in LA. That's what I was just talking with my Japanese Anderfan friend. From my opinion, I already wrote, he looks better in NY. His hair looks pretty hard last night. That's why he looked slightly different?