Monday, October 15, 2007

Finally Anderstands!

I said a couple of times that I was missing Anderstands! And he did it tonight! I never imagined how excited I can become just to see Anderson stand in front of those screens! This sounds really stupid and I thought twice, but I sent to AC360 feedback that seeing Anderson standing is better than seeing him sitting all through the show.

Oh, he is standing over there again!

I do love this!

At this point, he appreciated the woman welcoming him with dye.. But it didn't come off for a long time, as all of you remember.

What did he find? To see exactly what he saw, we need to check out PIP documentary! Of course everyone will!

Living in Japan, I don't have an access to NBC. Nor I won't be able to see Sesame Street tomorrow. I'm sure other excellent Anderblogs will post full videos! I can't wait to see them all!

I just noticed one thing. It's "Monday!" No wonder I got even more excited than I usually do! I was suffering from Anderdrought again!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mio, the moment I saw him standing I thought about you. Because you have been complaining in your past posts before that he doesn't do the Anderstands anymore. Well, tonight I think he did it just for you. I love your screencaps, you definitely know his best shots. He seemed so happy today, we had several moments of him smiling and laughing with Tom, Jeffrey and John King. I was so excited to see him, he looks so handsome. I don't know but maybe it IS the Anderdrought, as you've said. Looking forward to watch his Conan appearance, a local cable channel here shows it so I'll get to see it later on. Unfortunately, CNN Intl. won't be showing PIP here at the same time as in the US. They will show it 12 hours later. How about there in Japan do you have the same sked as in the US?


copperfish said...

We are in the same predicament that we don't have the opportunity to watch the Sesame Street but I do hope to catch Late Night with Conan maybe tomorrow morning or it's rerun. Hopefully too other sites will post clips of it.

You always capture the nicest screencaps!!

Pati Mc said...

Hi girls!

Conan is posted on ATA and Sesame Street will be as well, later today.

Mio, he HEARD you and stood up. LOL. Anderson is so accomodating to do this for you! He looked very natty last night. Loved the tie.

He was in such a good mood and no wonder - that was by far the best program in a while. All of my favs were on with him and the topics covered were fantastic. Real news! Yay!

He sure is busy with PIP coming out. He is everywhere and don't we just LOVE that? It is a great time for us and poor Anderson will be gragging. Maybe they will let him (FORCE him, rather) to take some time off soon. Enjoy all of this coverage while we can. =)

Thanks fof the great pics as always Mio.

Délie said...

I thought on you, Mio, when I saw him standing up!
I also do like the program! Bergen, King, Gergen, Tobbin, Foreman and a bit of PIP!!! So informative and also so funny! Very good AC 360!

Mio, do you get HD CNN?

anne carter said...

I too love it when he does the Ander stand,and it has been awhile since he did it!
Oh he looks so handsome in those screencaps.
Thank you for the photos of the week!!

mio_bella said...

You know me well! I got really happy just to see him standing. Of course, I noticed some Andersmiles during several talks andcaptured them. But I thought those pictures posted above are more beautiful... Maybe I'll post some other pictures later!

As for PIP, Japanese viewers are very lucky! They are showing it at the same time, and also AC360. Moreover, they are airing the replay of the whole 2-hour show on the same day! Then they are airing 4-hour program on weekends too! I guess they are showing the documentary again and again here! Hooray!

Where are you from? I had an access to neither programs. Thanks to the internet, we will be able to see what we want! I never appreciate the Internet more when I can see Anderson's video on other blogs or YouTube.

I did love all the talks with those popular correspondents. I should have posted those pics but I was so excited to see Anderstands that I forgot about them.

Wow! It was a pleasant surprise for me that so many people thought of me when he was standing!
I haven't got HD CNN. In fact I don't know what HD CNN is. What's good about it?

I'm glad you enjoy those Anderpics. He looks really handsome all the time but I choose very carefully when he looks the handsomest. That's really fun.