Saturday, October 20, 2007


I couldn't get what the problem was. Did what Copperfield was alleged to have done really happen? That may be an illusion as well as all the other captivating performances. Oh, he is under the investigation, which is not an illusion. He was one of the celebrities that got paid most in 05. But he disappeared from the list the following year. Was that also illusion?

I was appalled to hear the remark by the Nobel laureate. African people are inferior? If babies are tested gay, women should have rights to abort them? If you are stupid, you are considered to have a disease? How narrow minded that guy is! Even though he had discovered the structure of DNA, which has really a big impact in biology, he is not worth being admired considering the set of insulting remarks.
I don't mean to but under his analysis, I could say, "Scientists are narrow minded and do not know about people because they spend most of their time in a lab examining only one thing for his entire life." Again I'll make it clear that I don't think all scientists are like this. I believe everybody has a significant role in our society.
I've got so angry at him! How can I calm myself down?
What else can make me happier than this!

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