Friday, October 12, 2007

Crazy Parents

Phony Enthusiasm!? What cute two guys!

It was such an incredible story for a mother to give her boy phony guns and a real one. That's because he was bullied? There are too many crazy parents these days. And those crazy parents are making their children even crazier.

What I'm going to write has nothing to do with AC360, but I just want to write. (Don't hesitate to skip reading!)

Last night, there was a big boxing match in Japan. One is the world champion, 33-year-old Japanese. The challenger is an 18-year-old, cheeky, spoiled boy. Both are Japanese. The challenger somehow garnered popularity among young people in Japan. However, he is too cheeky. He is a typical bully type. Before the match, he appeared wearing $30,000 gold garish jacket. He was asked what was his impression of the champion and he said in an insulting language, "it seems he is no stronger than a roach." Beside him was his father and warned him saying, "Be careful. That guy is the boss of roaches." I never want to watch a boxing match, but I really wanted to see him defeated! Then he was! During the match, the cheeeeky one put his thumb into the champion's eyes several times, held the opponent's body up and tried to throw him onto the ring and did many bad things. Even after all those misbehavior, he was defeated. I was completely satisfied! Actually, the champion was a bullied weak boys when he was young. He started this sport because he wanted to prove that a bullied type can be stronger than a bullying one. After the match, he said, "They don't know what boxing is. I will never again have a match against those father and sons. (Actually the challenger has two cheeeeeeeky brothers.)" He will have a sense of defeat all through his life. Serves you right!

Now back to AC360.

When this woman was allowed to speak, it seemed like that she never let Anderson speak! She looked too overwhelming to me.

Well, Miss... This is my program....

I came here to talk about this! Let me speak as my heart's content!

They had another story about crazy kids, who are playing in a highway, throwing some debris onto the road. Just before Anderson pointed out, I said the same thing. "How come camera person(s) didn't stop them!?" Parents made the kids crazy. Adults surrounding them are crazy, too. There are too many crazy news on crazy people these days!

And I am CRAZY about Anderson!

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